Server Utils 1.0

All the libraries you could ever need!

  1. Wild1145
    Wild1145, VisionWareStudios
    We have decided to discontinue this plugin at its current stage. You are more then welcome to use it and such, however no support or updates will be offered as of Febuary 2015.

    Server Utils is a plugin currently still in its development stages.

    Server Utils its self serves no use on a server, its main use is as a all in one Library of Libraries. It currently support:

    • MySQL
    • SQLite
    We soon hope to be able to support the following features within our plugin:

    • Emails
    • Twitter
    • Facebook (Possibly)

    Any comments or suggestions would always be appreciated and any possible new libraries you would like to see!


    We will aim to keep this as a 100% free plugin, all the time. However if you want to help us out, buy us an energy drink, a coffee or anything that will keep us awake through the long nights working on this and our other plugins, please donate here:


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  1. TheBigNameless
    Version: 0.2
    Its awsome!
    1. Wild1145
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the feedback :)