SERVER Welcomer 2015-12-04

Welcome your players

  1. eddie
    Welcome your players with a nice message when they join your server
    Demo server:
    Please read
    This plugin hasn't been tested by me. But it should work, please tell me if it does or doesn't. I might add a few features like fire works on join etc

    Please don't give a bad review (give a good review). If you have problems or need help send me a message ill fix the bug, or help you :)
    also please help me by downloading it and testing it. And then messaging me what you think of it.
    How to install
    for 1.8
    1) Download (click the download button)
    2) Stop your server
    3) Put the jar in your plugins folder.
    4) Restart your server
    5) You should be done


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