ServerControl 1.1

Makes staff member's jobs easier

  1. tspringst33n
    A plugin that helps make a staff member's job easier. The plugin was designed to let staff have an easier time trying to take care of players and the server.
    • The warn command is used to warn a player for breaking the rules.
    • The stealth command allows staff members to silently join or leave without the rest of the server knowing.
    • The work command allows staff to get work done on the server. It will kick all the players except op and players with the .bypass permission. It will also prevent players without that perm or op to join the server until the work mode is disabled. The work mode will change the server message motd to let players know what the server is in work more or under maintenance.


    Just drop the .jar file into the plugins folder and you are ready to rock!

    • Will work on Spigot 1.7.10 and above.
    • If there is a compatibility issue, please contact me and I will fix it.
    • If there are other problems please post it in the discussion and I will get it fixed.
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    Code (Text):
        description: Warn a player.
        description: Help. Lists all the commands.
        description: Work Mode. Allows staff to get things done without interference from players.
        description: Allows staff to fake login/logout
    Code (Text):
        description: Warn a player for breaking the rules.
        description: Server Control. The default help command.

        description: Allows bypass of work mode.
        description: Allows turning on and off work mode.

        description: Allows staff to join/quit without the rest of the server knowing
    Code (Text):
    #The serverimg if set to true, will change the server image to the work.png file in the default server directory. This is optional to set.
    #The maxplayers changes the max players when the server is in work mode.
       work: '&2Under Work Mode'
       normal: '&7A Minecraft Serve'
       serverimg: true
       maxplayers: 2

    # The warn limit is how many times a player can be warned before an action is taken
       warnlimit: 3
    # The action is the action taken when the warnings a player gets is greater than or equal to the warn limit. Do not include the / in the command as this is issued from console. For commands requiring player name, use %player%
       action: tempban %player% 1d Dont break the rules!
    #Place your kick message in kickmsg
    #Place the message to display when login is denied in loginmsg
          kickmsg: '&cServer Maintenance started.'
          loginmsg: '&cServer in Work Mode. Please reconnect later'
    version: 1.1

    Notice: This plugin is
    Copyright (C) 2015 Tyler S. (tspringst33n) - All rights reserved.

    No Recoding
    No Modifications

    If you would like something changed or added, please post it in the discussion and I will gladly take a look at it and consider adding or making the changes suggested.

    Description: Video by CraftingBenchMC showing a preview of how the plugin works!

    Screenshots of the commands:
    All the commands with no arguments: 2015-03-18_16.20.59.png
    What happens when a command is issued: (in order)
    /warn tspringst33n test
    /stealth quit
    /stealth join
    /work on
    /work off

Recent Updates

  1. Updated /Warn and /Work