ServerCrashControl 1.1

Lets you know when a server has gone offline or comes online, read description for details

  1. Xerox262
    If you have a BungeeCord network then you might want to consider this plugin, it sends a message to all the servers connected to the bungeecord to check if they're offline.

    If a server is offline and comes online it will send all players with a specific permission a message and if it is online and goes offline it will send all players with a specific permission a message.

    You can also do /serverlist to show all servers alphabetically, along with the message you set to show in the config

    Mostly everything is editable in this plugin below is the config.yml with all the comments and stuff so you can know what is what

    Code (Text):
    #The command you want to list you the servers and if they're online
    Main: serverlist
    #The permission to do the command
    Permission: serverlist.listservers
    #Other ways to do the command
      - listservers
      - slist
      - lists
    # The delay between each check to see if any server went offline  
    Delay: 100
    # The message you want to send to a player when they do one of the commands listed above
    # Replaces {SERVER} with the server's name as defined in bungeecord config.yml
    # Replaces {ONLINE} with the online player count if you use multiple bungeecord proxies it will still count players on other proxies
    # Replaces {TOTAL} with the total server players
    # Replaces {BUKKITMOTD} with the motd from the on the bukkit side
    # Replaces {BUNGEEMOTD} with the motd from the bungee config.yml
    # Replaces {IP} with the server's ip adress and port number
    Ignore access: false
    Online: '&a{SERVER} is online. There are &c{ONLINE}&a/&c{TOTAL} &acurrently online'
    Offline: '&c{SERVER} is offline'
      # Uses the same variables as the variables above
      # Each new line is sent as a new line in the chat
        - '&a{SERVER} has came back online'
       Permission: 'serverlist.servercameonline'
      # Uses the same variables as the variables above
      # Each new line is sent as a new line in the chat
        - '&c{SERVER} has went offline'
       Permission: 'serverlist.serverwentoffline'

    Feel free to tell me any suggestions for what I should add

    Features to come: None right now, Please suggest features you think I should add

    EDIT: Added the server change event and messages when the server goes offline or comes online

    For anyone wanting to use the server status event in their code this is what it would look like
    Code (Text):
        public void serverChangeStatus(ServerStatusChangeEvent e) {
            if (e.isOnline()) {
                // Server went online
            } else {
                // Server went offline

Recent Reviews

    Version: 1.1
    Make it so you can whitelist servers so it wont broadcast to me everytime the minigame server restarts?
  2. JBluesword
    Version: 1.1
    I really enjoy this plugin a lot but have been having a few issues where it tell me the server is offline but it actually up.
  3. DfieldJr
    Version: 1.0
    Please add this feature i saw it in your features to come. 'Customiszable messages when a server comes online or goes offline to send to players with a certain permission' I have been looking for that for SO LONG!
    But please let that permission be for bungeecord groups and allow the message to be multi line
    1. Xerox262
      Author's Response
      Dudeeeeeeeeeeeeeee... The multiline message for servers coming online/going offline was gonna be a suprise >.< Yea, I planned on making it multiline