ServerDecorator ⭐ | ✅ Custom Welcome message | EARLY STAGE v1.1

Provides: Custom join (+ personal join messasge) & quit messages (changable in config)

  1. TeunPennings
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.12
    • 1.13
    • 1.14
    • 1.15
    • 1.16
    ServerDecorator v1.x

    What is ServerDecorator?

    ServerDecorator, with this plugin you can decorate your server lobby. For now you can only use custom join/quit messages because the plugin is still in a early state.
    There is an update checker, so if your version is outdated the console will get a message, also applies for operators.

    Coming soon: custom scoreboards, custom tablist, custom bossbars, teleport bows and a lot more!

    To change the messages go to:
    -> file manager
    -> plugins
    -> ServerDecorator folder
    -> config.yml
    -> filters

    Compatible Minecraft Versions:
    1.16.x | 1.15.x | 1.14.x | 1.13.x | 1.12.x

    Spigot & Paper are compatible.

    Alias: '/sd', '/sede'
    - /serverdecorator help<number>
    - /serverdecorator version
    - /serverdecorator api-version
    - /serverdecorator author
    - /serverdecorator info
    - /serverdecorator reload

    Alias: /joinmsg
    - /joinmessage
    Aliases: '/quitmsg', '/leavemessage', /leavemsg
    - /quitmessage
    Aliases: '/personaljoinmsg', '/pjoinmsg'
    - /personaljoinmessage


    - serverdecorator.reload
    - serverdecorator.preview.joinquit

    Do you have questions?
    *Remember, this is still a plugin in early stage! A lot will be added the next couple of days*
    Make a review! I will try to help you as soon as possible!

    There aren't any requirements.

    Terms of use:
    You can use this plugin for free.


    - Added a join (+ personal)/quit message
    - Made a fully customizable config

    - Made a '/serverdecorator help' command
    - Made a clean chat message for tab WITH multiple pages.
    - Made a '/serverdecorator reload' command
    - Made a '/serverdecorator info' command
    - Made a '/serverdecorator author' command
    - Made a '/serverdecorator version' command
    - Made a '/serverdecorator api-version' command
    - Made the aliases '/sd' and '/sede'

    - Made a '/joinmessage' command
    - Made a '/quitmessage' command
    - Made a '/personaljoinmessage' command
    - Made aliases for these ^ (see Commands list)

    - Made a plugin update checker