ServerEssentials [Essentials For Skript] 4.2


  1. Small update

    Small code change.
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  2. Bug Fix

    Fixed /sun command.
  3. Update 4.0

    Added unlimited sethomes.
    Added clear chat command.
    Added lock chat command.
    Added reload command.
    Added custom messages for ClearChatMessage, LockChatMessage, UnlockChatMessage, NoOnlineStaffMessage and OnlineStaffMessage. Edit these in the .sk.

    You can find the new commands and permissions on the main page.
  4. Major bug fixes

    In this update there are some major updates + bug fixes, Its recommended for ALL users to update.

    (Fix) TPA Glitch - After a request was sent a player could TP at any time.
    (Fix) Death Message Glitch - Anytime a entity died the death message would displays .
    (Added) A config to change the messages at any time. (Thanks for this idea @Andrea)
    (Added) Help command. (/Shelp)
    (Added) Version command. (/ServerEssentials)
  5. Update 3.0 [The huge update, Loads of essentials commands]

    This is a huge update that adds loads of essentials commands soon enough this plugin will have all essentials commands and you won't need to run essentials, Theres also a plan to remove skript support and make it a .jar.
    Fun - /Hat - Put a block on your head.
    Cheat - /Day - Turn the time to day.
    Cheat - /Night - Turn the time to night.
    Cheat - /Sun - Change the weather to clear.
    Cheat - /Rain -...​
  6. Update 2.0 [Skript renamed and new commands!]

    Hello, there's a few new updates so please take a read down below.
    1. The skript has now been renamed to "ServerEssentials"​
    2. ALL permissions have now been changed you can find them down below.​
    3. New commands: /Heal, /JoinMotd, /Showjoinmotd,/Alert and /ItemID​
    /Heal - Heals the player.
    /JoinMotd - Sets the join...​