ServerHelp 1.2

Help all your players through commands.

  1. ScottApple_


    This plugin will allow players (with certian permissions) to use commands that can answer their questions. I made this plugin so people can help their players without having to keep announcing the answers. ServerHelp will eliminate or almost eliminate many questions you get from your players. While their questions are answerd by this plugin, you can be planning to take over the world with your server (or whatever).


    /donate, /dn, /shdonate - Shows you the link to the page where you can donate.

    /youtube, /yt, /shyoutube - Shows the link server's featured YouTube channel.
    /website, /web, /shwebsite - Shows the players your server's website link.
    /facebook, /fb, /sbfacebook - Shows the link to the server's facebook page.
    /twitter, /tw, /shtwitter - Shows the link to the server's twitter page.
    /commands, /cmd, /shcmds - Shows the players what commands they have access to.
    /email, /e-mail, /e-m, /em, /shemail - Shows the support email.

    /staff, /owner, /mod, /moderator, /helper, /co-owner, /shstaff - Shows the players the official staff list.

    /tutorial, /tut, /shtutorial - Shows the tutorial page.

    /teamspeak, /ts, /shteamspeak - Shows the teamspeak ip.

    /mumble, /mumbleserver, /shmumble - Shows the mumble ip.

    /shreload, /serverreload, /reloadsh - Reload the ServerHelp configuration file.

    /vote, /votelink, /shvote - Shows the pages you can vote at (has an option of being disabled.

    /thread, /threadlink, /shthread - Show the featured/important thread link.
    /link, /rdlink, /shlink - Shows a link that the server has put up.

    The alaises of the commands have the same permissions!
    1. /donate - serverhelp.donate
    2. /youtube -
    3. /website -
    4. /facebook - serverhelp.facebook
    5. /twitter - serverhelp.twitter
    6. /commands - serverhelp.commands
    7. /email -
    8. /staff - serverhelp.staff
    9. /tutorial - serverhelp.tutorial
    10. /teamspeak - serverhelp.teamspeak
    11. /mumble - serverhelp.mumble
    12. /shreload - serverhelp.shreload
    13. /vote -
    14. /thread - serverhelp.thread
    15. /link -
    1. Any permission plugin

    1. Download the plugin
    2. Stop your server
    3. Upload the plugin to your plugins folder
    4. Start your server
    5. Configure it
    6. Have fun with it!


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  2. Config Error Fixed
  3. Clean and Updated

Recent Reviews

  1. gUnit
    Version: 1.2
    Nice plugin! What you should do is make it multi-line and also custom commands and aliases :)
  2. SuperSniper
    Version: 1.2
    Nice plugin!
    1. ScottApple_