ServerInfo [2.0] - [Add Custom Commands To Your Server!] 2.2.0

Add as many custom commands to your server as you like!

  1. Lori00
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.7
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    ServerInfo Plugin v2.2.0
    Author: Lori00, ShanerX

    Ever wanted to add custom commands to your server? Well now you can! This plugin allows you to add any command you like, just by adding it to the configuration!

    Commands & Permissions:

    - Displays general information about the plugin such as author and version. - No permission node required
    /serverinfo reload - Reloads the plugin's configuration file. If you are lacking the permission node, it will only display the plugin's information. - serverinfo.reload
    /<Any command you want> - Permission support will be added soon! - serverinfo.<command>


    As you can see, the configuration is extremely simple and self-explanatory. Please keep in mind that removing plugin-version breaks the config! But no worries, if a player attempts to use /plugin-version in game, absolutely nothing will happen!
    Code (YAML):

    # Here you may define the output of your custom commands.
    # It is recommended that you download newest versions of the plugin on the resource page on
    # Thank you for downloading this plugin, please report any bugs / issues you are experiencing on the resource page on the SpigotMC or Bukkit Forums!
    # Attention! deleting the token plugin_version will break the configuration! "/plugin-version" will NOT work in-game!
    # Any custom commands output must be between ' ' (Example: my-cmd: '&cHello Thomas!')

    : 'Plugin version 2.0.0. - ServerInfo-2.x by Lori00 & ShanerX'
    : '&cHello!'
    : '&6[&9Website&6] &a&n
    : '&6[&9Rules&6] &a&n
    : '&6[&9Shop&6] &a&n

    : true
    : '&cIt appears that you do not have permission to execute this command!'

    • Encourage players to follow your server on the web, signup on your forums, check your donation shop / web store, connect to your voice server and a lot more!
    • Reduce the amount of questions in-game such as "How do I apply for staff?" and "Where can I report a player?" (Just add a /staff or /apply command)
    • Completely customisable
    • Color codes support
    • More coming - Read below!

    To be added:

    * Code cleanup
    * A proper suggestion / bug reports section - for now just post on the resource's discussion page.
    * Custom help message
    * Suggest more yourself!

    10 dl
    25 dl
    50 dl

    100 dl
    250 dl
    1000 dl
    - o_O

    Terms and License:

    You may:

    1. Download the plugin for whatever use you need it for
    2. Share it with other people, linking them back to this page (only official download)
    You may not:
    1. Decompile the plugin
    2. Modify the plugin's code - I'm open to every suggestion, just post it in the resource discussion or contact me through PM on the forums -
    3. Tell people you made it and/or take the credit for it.
    4. Setup unofficial download links - I'd love if you shared this resource with people, but only if you share this resource link.

    Support me:
    Find this resource useful? I'd love if you left a review to higher the ranking of it.

    Thank you for downloading this resource ^_^

Recent Reviews

  1. mrfloris
    Version: 2.2.0
    Good enough plugin for my 1.11 server. It works out of the box, but I wish I could reload config in-game.
    1. Lori00
      Author's Response
  2. realLinebeck
    Version: 2.0.0c
    This plugin is easy and simple to use. The author is very nice, and responded to my suggestion pretty quickly. So I thought I would help him out and review this plugin for him. This plugin gets the job done, and does as advertised.