ServerInfo 1.5.0

Provide players with basic informational commands, such as /forums, /website, /shop, /teamspeak...

  1. Add multiple line support, Bug fixes

    + Adds multi-line support (use "\n" in the config)
    * Fix major bug
  2. v1.4.0

    * Total recode
    + Added /support & /rules
    * cleared todo list
  3. Major Optimizations and Config Extensions

    + Added the no-permission message to the configuration
    - Removed redundant code
    * Improved code readability; general cleanup

    This will shring the JAR. Updating is highly recommended.
  4. Help Message

    This version adds a help message, accessible with /serverinfo. The previous message, displayed on /serverinfo, has been removed.
  5. Configuration

    You may now competely disable commands by replacing the string in the configuration with 'none'.
  6. Fixed Typo

    Fixed typo in plugin output message.
  7. Added "/contact", "/email"

    • Added "/contact", "/email"
    • General code cleanup
  8. 1.0.3: Added some commands + Console Bug fix & more

    • Added the following commands:
      • /facebook
      • /twitter
      • /youtube
    • Added the following permissions:
      • serverinfo.twitter
      • serverinfo.facebook
    • Added a message which gets displayed when a player attempts to reload the plugin without proper permission;
    • Fixed a bug which didn't allow the console to run any commands.
  9. ServerInfo 1.0.2

    Removed a "testcommand", updated the code.
  10. Removed "dead" code

    This update is optional and you don't need to install it if you got the older version, as it does not really add anything. I just felt like removing unnecessary code.