ServerInfo 1.0

Simple plugin that will check server's info

  1. Raymart
    if you want some tiny plugin that will tell all server's information or description so this plugin is suitable for your server
    You have no need to be worried of :D config is not that complex like what you're thinking !
    you may use :
    & == as color code
    %player% == add this if you want the system will tell their name like at config
    Twitter : '&4Hello %player% this is twitter'
    # Thanks for using my plugin
    # Please give me a credits to make more
    # PayPal email : [email protected] please make some donations
    Email: '&4Owner's Email'
    Facebook: '&bOwner's Facebook'
    Instagram: '&3Owner's Instagram'
    Twitch: '&5Owner's Twitch'
    Twitter: '&bOwner's Twitter'
    Website: '&5Server or Owner's website'

    YouTube: '&4Owner's youtube'
    info.<command> || permission per command
    info.* || permission for all commands

    /email || will check server email
    /facebook or /fb || will check the server's facebook
    /instagram || will check the server's instagram
    /twitch || will check the server's twitch
    /twitter || will check the server's twitter
    /website or /web || will check the server's website
    /youtuber or /yt || will check the server's youtube

    I missed something ? what are you waiting for notify me if you want !

    paypal donation :
    server website :

Recent Reviews

  1. Velerium
    Version: 1.0
    Useful plugin but it's too simple :D
    1. Raymart
      Author's Response
      If you want more suggest or wait some updates man !