ServerIP [UPDATED] 2015-09-02

This Plugin Will Tell Your Players The ServerIP If They Need To Tell There Friends About Your Server

  1. Stobbzy15
    This Plugin Is Made By MrGamer523 with Special Thanks To Gian_

    Gian_ :


    This Plugin Consists of a Simple Command that tells the user the server's IP so they can advertise it or even let there friends know instead of having to log out and get it, you can customize colors and even the IP yourself!

    /serverIP - This Gets the serverIP and messages the User The Servers IP with a colorful message.

    A Little Bit About This Plugin:
    - You Can Customize The Message In The Config.yml and you can even change colors so it stands out for other players to see when they do /serverIP

    Next Update:
    - Soon (Just Updated!)

    New Plugins And Updates SOON

    I am a new Plugin Developer And I Am New To Coding, Sorry For The Lack Of Updates But You Will UnderStand :p


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Recent Reviews

  1. dznSpencer
    Version: 2015-09-02
    Gives the IP of the plugin developers server. Not your own.
    1. Stobbzy15
  2. Gianluca
    Version: 2015-09-02
    When you type /serverip, it brings up the IP address of another server, and, by the looks of it, there's no configuration file to change that.
    1. Stobbzy15
      Author's Response
      Sorry I have not got to know about configs yet and to me they are a little confusing, i did upload an update though to this plugin. I will re-upload it to make sure that it wont do this again. Sorry about that :(