ServerList 1.0b2

Manage your server list more flexible. supported dynamic remove/modify server.

  1. caoli5288
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.10
    This plugin add a new folder named `server.list.d`. You can store one or more file(s) suffix by '.list' into this folder. All file will be load while proxy startup and process `greload` command.

    Any `.list` file must follow this syntax. One line one server instance.
    `server <$name> <$host> <$port> [?restricted]`

    server tntrun1 localhost 20001
    server tntrun2 localhost 20002
    # server tntrun3 localhost 20003 <- this server disabled by comment
    server tntrun4 localhost 20004 restricted <- restricted server by add 'restricted' label

    fallback server cannot be def by this plugin.

Recent Updates

  1. Fixed dynamic remove/modify server

Recent Reviews

  1. Miku_Snow
    Version: 1.0b1
    Wow,Great plugin!That can help me manage many servers fast!!!
    Thanks for this plugin! Hope it will be better!