ServerListPlus 3.4.7

An extremely customizable server status ping plugin

  1. Minecrell
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.7
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    ServerListPlus provides a simple but powerful configuration to customize the appearance of the server in the client's server list. It can change almost all parts of the status ping and even allows you to customize it per player.


    Note: If you're using ServerListPlus on Spigot and you're not using 1.8.3 or newer you need to use special versions of ServerListPlus:


    ServerListPlus provides options in the configuration for:
    The features page in the wiki describes all features in detail.


    ServerListPlus is currently supported on Bukkit, Spigot, Paper, BungeeCord, Waterfall, Canary, Sponge and as Standalone Server.

    The latest release of ProtocolLib is required for most features to work on Bukkit/Spigot/Paper servers. You can download it from:
    1. Download the plugin and copy it in your plugins folder.
    2. Restart your server to load the plugin.
    3. The configuration file is located in the plugin folder: ServerListPlus.yml. Please refer to the configuration page for more information.
    4. After you have customized the configuration to your likings you can enable the plugin by executing the /serverlistplus enable command. The plugin will stay disabled until you execute this command.

    Development Builds

    You can download unsupported development builds on the Jenkins Server. Use them at your own risk.


    The configuration file is located in the plugin folder: ServerListPlus.yml. Please refer to the configuration page for more information.

    Commands & Permissions

    • /slp - Display an information page about the plugin and list all available commands.
    • /slp reload or /slp rl - Reload the plugin configuration.
    • /slp save - Save the plugin configuration.
    • /slp enable - Enable the plugin and start modifying the status ping.
    • /slp disable - Disable the plugin and stop modifying the status ping.
    • /slp clean <favicons/players/requests> - Delete all entries from the specified cache.
    If /slp is used by another plugin you can also use /serverlistplus instead. The permission for all commands is serverlistplus.admin.


    The plugin is completely open source and released under the terms and conditions of the GNU General Public License. You are free to redistribute and/or modify it to your likings, but please add a link to the GitHub Page of the plugin and redistribute it under a compatible license.

Recent Reviews

  1. dop2003
    Version: 3.4.7
    Hey Boy I Like This Plugin So Much! Realy Good Plugin I Like It Serieus So Much That I Have A Message In My Server Whit This Link!
  2. Goodinkton
    Version: 3.4.7
    The best free plugin for motd, didn't found any bugs, working perfect on BungeeCord

    Author is mature and answer on all questions thx mate <3
  3. SeKaBo
    Version: 3.4.7
    Awesome plugin. Work on 1.10.x :)
    I love you <3

    Work on BungeeCord?
    Please more plugins.

    Best plugin to motd and favicon.
    Sorry from my bad english.
    1. Minecrell
      Author's Response
      Thank you for your review. The plugin supports Bukkit/Spigot/Paper, BungeeCord/Waterfall, Sponge and CanaryMod.
  4. CopyrightPixelHD
    Version: 3.4.7
    Perfectly, best for BungeeCord & Spigot. But I have one question: Kann you add a command like: /slp line1 <MODT TEXT WITH COLORCODES &a,&1,...> and /slp line2 <MODT TEXT WITH COLORCODES &a,&1,...>
    This were very awesome. and 2 Permissions: one for the First line and one for the second line. (After I typed the command i must reload with /slp reload?!) It were cool If you add That. <3 Nice Coder! <3
  5. skilledpt
    Version: 3.4.7
    Excelent puglin favicon location option isnt working on 1.11
    can u update?
    1. Minecrell
      Author's Response
      PM me with your configuration and server log if you need support.
  6. WheezyGold7931
    Version: 3.4.7
    One of the best plugins for bungee I have ever downloaded...needs to be on every bungee server! Nice plugin bud :P
  7. MyBoy
    Version: 3.4.7
    Muy buen plugin, estaba usando AniMOTD pero me dio muchos fallos de conexión y demás, y este plugin hace exactamente lo mismo y hasta mejor, es compatible con caracteres que no son de tipo utf-8 con lo cual podes personalizar tu motd como quieras. Muy recomendable.
  8. symvizan
    Version: 3.4.7
    The concept is very good and would be best plugin if would work. I use the lastest version of protocollib on spigot 1.10.2.
    1. Minecrell
      Author's Response
      PM me or write a message in the discussion section if you need help setting up the plugin. I do not provide support via the review section, and reviews are not right the place to ask for support, questions or to report bugs.
  9. Kopf02
    Version: 3.4.7
    Nice Plugin works very good but it would be very nice if you add more functions for Developers: For example to add Virtual Hosts or manage the motd via an api :)
  10. Cleverdew
    Version: 3.4.7
    Awesome performance update! Before my server was lagging pretty hard, however, now it's working fine. ^-^