ServerLock - Skript V1.2.0

Must have for every starting server! Let your staff easily close your server when they find a glitch

  1. NixNux123
    Version: V1.2.0
    Nice Skript, Code ist clean. Cool Idea. (Skript supports all versions between 1.8 - 1.16, SkRayFall too. You don't must change anything in the Script)
    1. DED_Y
      Author's Response
      Thank you❤️
  2. Digger
    Version: V1.0.1
    This is actually decent, especially for a beginner. This is the first review over three (3) stars I have given in a long while. The code is actually clean and isn't a complete shit show, etc. I would like to see you make a custom whitelisting system though.
    1. DED_Y
      Author's Response
      tyvm! I have an idea already on how I am going to do it but first I will have to investigate & test a bit more.