ServerLock - Skript V1.2.0

Must have for every starting server! Let your staff easily close your server when they find a glitch

  1. Medium Update

    • Added bossbar & actionbar options
      (these will show if the server is in lockdown)
      Note: The bar will only show up if you relog & if the server is in lockdown!
    • Added explanation to the config options
    • Added some small changes

    • Updated the resource page with the updates
  2. Small update

    • Added /sl add <playername>
    • Added /sl remove <playername>
    • Fixed typo in the help command
    • Small changes

    • Changed the spigot information page by a lot
      (forgot to add this in the last update)
  3. Medium Update

    • Removed the whitelist system & replaced it with a custom one
    • Changed the 3 contactpersons to 1
    • Added a lot new messages
    • Added a new permission (serverlock.bypass)
    • Made the script a lot better
    • etc
  4. Small update

    - Added support for groupmanager & luckperms (configurable)
    - Fixed update checker not working
    - Some other small changes