ServerManager - Manage Everything with a GUI 1.1.2

Simple, Fun, and Easy Entity / World management via GUI

  1. MSWS
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Legacy (< 1.13)
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    Source Code:
    ServerManager is a very useful utility plugin that enables you to have a large amount of control over your worlds and entities through a GUI.

    Here are a few of the features
    • Full World Management GUI
    • Full Entity Management GUI
    • Forcefield command for forcing back entities
    • Easily give out custom items with the included SuperGive plugin.
    • Shift-Right click on entities to directly manage them with the GUI
    manage.command - Access to type /manage
    manage.command.[command] - Access to /manage entities, /manage worlds, etc. Also allows access to /fill, /testworld, etc (manage.command.fill for example). If you are confused by a permission please PM me.

    SuperGive Permissions

    Suggestions are more than welcome. GUIs are multi-paged and are not customizable.

    Feel free to submit suggestions on the trello. Please report bugs on the GitHub.

    • /gamerules <World> - View the specified world's gamerules in a GUI, supports Multiverse settings
    • /manage worlds - View and manage all worlds
    • /manage entities - View and manage all entities
    • /manage lag [Milliseconds] - Create artificial lag on the server, useful for testing anticheats
    • /fill - Just vanilla MC fill command but I've added better tab completion
    • /forcefield - A forcefield to keep entities and players away from you
    • /give - A much better and extremely versatile /give command (from SuperGive)
    • /testworld - Creates a world, you can specify layers or world types
      • /testworld newWorldName Grass Grass Grass
      • /testworld flatWorldName Superflat

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Recent Reviews

  1. XnimaPLUS
    Version: 1.0.1
    hope you can make a menu that control MultiVerse values like Gamerule,Difficulty,PVP-able By one GUI
    Bad Eng
    Keep update this plugin!
    1. MSWS
      Author's Response
      Thanks for your suggestion! You actually can modify game rules with /gamerules or by middle clicking on a world in the GUI. As for the other suggestions, I’ll see if I can add them in future updates.
  2. Polzavatel
    Version: 1.0.1
    Really strange but fully working and cool plugin! I think it will be really helpful for map makers! Keep update this plugin! Good luck!
    1. MSWS
      Author's Response
      Thank you so much for your review!