ServerMOTD 1.0

Set Motd and Max players for your server!

  1. PlanetBrunei


    What doest ServerMOTD does?
    You can set your MaxPlayers and MOTD.

    Special things:

    1. Bypass System for admin and donors.
    2. Custom Kick Message! With lines!.
    3. Set your MaxPlayers without having to go to the config,yml
    4. If online players reach the setMax number, You can either Kick them our or let them join the server,

    /sm - Open up ServerMOTD help menu.
    /sm reload - Reload the plugins config.yml
    /sm setmax [number] - Set the max number of the player.
    /sm setkick (true or false) - Set if the online player is max, the player cant join the server.


    servermotd.admin - Allow to use everything up there ^^^
    servermotd.bypass or servermotd.staff - ByPass the players max (if setkick is set to true)

    Code (Text):
    # Plugins made by: DoomGary.
    # /*
    # * Copyright © PlanetBn. All Rights Reserved.
    # * Please do not edit this plugins without any permissions!
    # */
    # All info can be found @

    # Set Server max. You can do this ingame by doing /sm setmax [number]
    Server-Max: 1
    # Now you dont have to reload your server anymore! Just reload the plugins after using it [/sm reload]
    Server-Motd: "&cWelcome to my server! \n&aSurvival | Factions and more!"
    # Kick players if the Server-Max number is reach? (true or false).
    Kick-Max: true
    # Kick message! Who doesnt like this?!
    Kick-Msg: "&cYou are kicked from the server: \n&bServer is full! \n&eBuy Vip to bypass this!"

    This plugins is tested with Minecraft 1.8.+

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    Thank you! It's amazing! It makes my server look extremely professional and I recommend that you download this.