ServerPingLib 1.1.4

Get MOTD information of MineCraft server with specified IP address directly

  1. Updated to Version 1.1.4

    • Update support to 1.15.2
    • Added server ping detection, method: MCServerStatus.getPing() returns the millisecond delay in connection with the server
  2. Updated to Version 1.1.3

    Optimized part of the code and added new methods.
    • From this version, MCServerSocket will extends the class, which means you can use try () {/ * code * /} to automatically release resources (the socket connection will be automatically closed, The getStatus () method will be executed after the close () code is executed and will return null)
    • The method of getting an instance is no longer limited to the...
  3. Updated to Version 1.1.2

    • Fixed a bug that could not be loaded by Bukkit and Bungee servers.
    • Update support to 1.15.1
  4. Update to version 1.1.1.

    Modified the latest version's protocol number to 1.15
  5. Updated to Version 1.1.0

    Updated content:
    • Support Minecraft 1.15 protocol
    • Optimized part of the code and reduced the size of the jar file
    • Changed package name
    • Changed name