ServerPingManager 1.2

Edit the server list to the max

  1. Jakebooy
    What is ServerPingManager?
    ServerPingManager is a plugin that allows you to edit how your server looks in the server list.

    What can ServerPingManager do?
    ServerPingManager can:

    • Randomly change the MOTD per refresh
    • Fake max players and online players
    • Put the players name in the MOTD of the server
    • Edit the player list (popover) with custom text
    • Edit the version to show text instead of the player slots
    This plugin requires ProtocolLib to work. (1.7 link) For the 1.8 link, please click here.

    Symbols/text that you can use to display stuff
    • %name% - This will show the player's name where you place it (only if they have joined before, though!)
    • %max% - This will show the maximum slots you have set in the Bukkit config
    • $n - This will create a new line in the MOTD
    • %online% - This will show the real amount of players online
    - /serverpingreload | Reload the configs of the plugin | Permission: OP

    View the source HERE


    Code (Text):
    This MOTD is for if you use %name% and they haven't joined before.
    default_motd_for_new_player: "Welcome to this server!"
    If you enable this, the player slot (0/10) will be set to ???
    disable_player_slots: false
    Enable faking player slots. E.G. (500/5000)
    enable_fake_players: false
    faked_max_players: 10
    faked_online_players: 0
    These are the MOTDs for the server list.
    You can use %name% to display the player's name (if they have joined before and you can use &<color> for colors and $n for a new line.
    - "&2Hey there &e%name%&2, Join now!"
    - "&aYou can display information here!"
    - "&3ServerPingManager by Jakebooy"
    This is what will show when you hover over the player slots
    Each line ( - "line") you put will mean a new line in the popover
    enable_custom_playerlist_popover: true
    - "&f&6Server Name&f"
    - " &4&lSurvival"
    - " &3&lCreative"
    - " &a&lSkyblock"
    - " &b&lJoin Now!"
    Fake version will show text where the player slots usually are
    e.g. instead of 10/30 it could say "Join Now!"
    enable_fake_version: false
    fake_version_text: "&2<&b%online% &6/ &b%max%&2>"


    • &0 = Black
    • &1 = Dark Blue
    • &2 = Dark Green
    • &3 = Dark Aqua
    • &4 = Dark Red
    • &5 = Purple
    • &6 = Gold
    • &7 = Gray
    • &8 = Dark Gray
    • &9 = Blue
    • &a = Green
    • &b = Aqua
    • &c = Red
    • &d = Light Purple
    • &e = Yellow
    • &f = White
    • &l = Bold
    • &m = Strikethrough
    • &n = Underline
    • &o = Italic
    • &r = Magic (some spacing letters :D)
    Want a feature added?
    Post a comment saying what feature you would like and I'll try my best to add it!

Recent Reviews

  1. Anbo1982
    Version: 1.2
    Amazing plugin that does exactly what it says. Finally a script that also splits the fake version text so that you do not get that error "server outdated" etc.
    Works amazing, see:

    Only thing missing is animated MOTD option and possibly animated icon.
    Keep up the great work!