ServerRanks v2.0

permissions, ranks

  1. DrRotstein
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.16
    ServerRanks is a rank-tool, which allows you to create ranks in groups. For each rank, you can add permissions and childs. Once a rank has a child, the given rank will implement all the permissions from the child-rank. And you have much more...

    But at first, you need to have access to the computer you server is running on. This is because the ranks and groups are stored in a .rank file on the computer your server is running on. This has advantages and disadvantages;
    1. You have the same ranks on every spigot server, this plugin is installed on and the rank-file-directory is set to the same .rank-file.
    2. You don't need a MySQL-database to easily use ranks.
    3. This doesn't work if you rent a server, because you don't have access to this server's file-system.

    What this plugin offers:
    1. Create an infinite amount of ranks and groups (Note, that you can't have 2 groups or ranks with the same name. This counts even for ranks in different groups)
    2. Give the different ranks permissions (with child-system)
    3. There is also a default group every player enters, when being in no rank
    4. You can rename groups and ranks
    5. You can change the parent-group of a rank
    6. You can edit the group's or rank's pre- or suffix and display it with Ultimate Chat | SpigotMC - High Performance Minecraft

    At first, you need a .rank file. Go to the directory where you want to save all the data, and create a file with the file-extension .rank.
    Next, you need to enter the server, where you want to do all the setup. The main-command is /serverranks (Permission: serverranks.serverranks). Type /serverranks dir set <directory>, where <directory> is the directory of your .rank file. You can't do anything before setting the .rank-file! You create groups with /serverranks group add <groupname>, and rank with /serverranks rank add <rankname> <groupname>. The pre- and suffix settings work like this: /serverranks group/rank info <groupname/rankname> prefix/suffix set <prefix/suffix>.
    You add players to ranks by doing: /serverranks rank info <rankname> players add <player>. Note, that the player to add in the rank has to have played once before on the server, since the plugin was installed.
    Permissions work the same way like players, but besides add/get/remove there is an option called childs. By doing /serverranks ranks info <rankname> permissions childs add <childrankname> rankname will implement all the permissions of childrankname. You add permissions to the default-rank by typing /serverranks default permissions add <permission>. For adding something to something, ex. permissions or players to ranks, you don't need to type every player or every permission itself; Instead of the permission or the player, you can simply type <perm1>;<perm2>;<perm3>... Of course you have to replace permX with a permission or a player. Only important thing left to know: You can change the group of a rank by typing: /serverranks rank info <rankname> group set <newgroup> and rename groups or ranks with /serverranks group/rank rename <oldname> <newname>.

    !!!Do not touch the .rank-file. This could cause very, very bad issues!!!

    If you have question or if you want to report bugs, please just write it on spigotmc, I will read your question and immediately answer you, or fix the bug.

    Have fun!