ServerRegionProtect [1.13-1.16.5] 0.5.2

Secure region from WorldGuard

  1. MrJarousek
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.13
    • 1.14
    • 1.15
    • 1.16
    Languages Supported:
    Russian, English
    ServerRegionProtect-Protecting the server region using the WorldGuard 7+

    If you are using version 1.12 or lower so you need to go here: [SRP 1.12.x]

    10 - downloads ✔
    50 - downloads ✔
    100 - downloads ✔
    500 - downloads ❌

    - By entering the name of the region in the plugin's config.yml, you will enter it in the plugin's protection. No one can break the region that is registered in config. yml, even the operators are not able to do this!
    - plugin can do:
    1. Cant place/break blocks.
    2. Protect frame, painting from any damage(arrows, trident, snowball, eggs, enderpearl and damaged from player).
    3. Protect any change in the frame.
    4. Cannot set armour stand and break him.
    5. Cannot fill lava/water bucket.
    6. TNT, minecart with tnt, Respawn Anchor and ender crystal cant damaged any blocks in protect region.
    7. Support for banning dangerous commands. Separate commands were added and tested using FastAsyncWorldEdit in the protected region.
    8. Cannot anyone remove protected region just use like "/rg rem your_rg" and etc.
    9. Create a special region inside the protected region in which you can break and install or only break (specified in config. yml)

    In this case, the access rights to the region are registered through this Perm:
    - srp. serverregionprotect-access to protected regions
    The star gives all the rights, it is already clear, operators are not allowed access. If we want to ban the star, then we simply register this perm in PermissionsEx or LuckPerms(depending on what you have)

    /srp help-help for commands
    /srp reload-reload config.yml
    /srp reloadmsg-reload messages.yml
    - srp.* - full access to the plugin
    - srp.reload. cfg-access to the /srp reload command
    - srp.reload. cfg.msg-access to the /srp reloadmsg command
    - srp. serverregionprotect-access to protected regions
    # Server Region Protect - Protection of regions by the plugin.

    #List of protected regions.
    # If you don't need regions, specify an empty parameter:
    # region_protect: []
    - spawn
    - pvp

    # List of protected regions where breaking is allowed with the 'build allow'flag.
    # If regions are not needed, specify an empty parameter:
    # region_protect_allow: []
    region_protect_allow: []

    # List of protected regions where only breaking is allowed with the 'build allow'flag.
    # If regions are not needed, specify an empty parameter:
    # region_protect_only_break_allow: []
    region_protect_only_break_allow: []

    # List of forbidden commands from WE / FAWE.
    - //set
    - //replace
    - //overlay
    - //walls
    - //deform
    - //fill
    - //fillr
    - //fixlava
    - //hollow
    - //move
    - //stack
    - //smooth
    - //cut
    - //replacenear
    - //cyl
    - //hcyl
    - //drain
    - //rep
    - //pyramid
    - //hpyramid
    - //sphere
    - //hsphere
    - //up
    - /up
    - //paste
    - //place
    - //replacenear
    - //hollow

    #Include/To turn off the message about the protected region.
    enable_protect_message: true
    # Main message config.
    srp_msg: '&8 [&cSRP&8] &athis region is protected by the server!'
    noperm: '&cyou don't have enough rights to use this command.'
    config_reloaded: '&8 [&cSRP&8] &afile &6config.yml &abyl successfully restarted!'
    config_not_found: '&8 [&cSRP&8] &afile &6config.yml &sleep was found, a new one was created!'
    config_msg_reloaded: '&8 [&cSRP&8] &afile &6messages.yml &abyl successfully restarted!'
    config_msg_not_found: '&8 [&cSRP&8] &afile &6messages.yml &sleep was found, a new one was created!'
    srp_use_help: '&a usp: &e/srp help'
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Recent Reviews

  1. Himick
    Version: 0.5.2
    Имеется ошибка на всех версиях, в не зависимости какое ядро сервера и какая версия плагин.
    Ошибка прикрепил на скрине
    иска в гугле как исправить кривыми руками,
    но сори не мой уровень ковырять сам плагин (качать кучу ненужных мне програм в которых я 0 (для работы с плагином

    по этому я ставлю за идею 1 звезду. за его работоспособность -4

    Что такое нормальный плагин? Это ты скачал его в настройках(конфиг) изменил нужные параметры и наслаждаешся, а не с плагином качать кучу прог, изучать код с нуля по написанию плагина и т д. :)
    1. MrJarousek
      Author's Response
      у вас не найден метод, какое ядро используете?
  2. DenisJ97
    Version: 0.5.1
    Это лучший плагин для защиты региона спавна, спасибо большое))))))))))))))))))))
  3. KamenkoTV
    Version: 0.4.7
    Awesome very good plugin, thank you!
    1. MrJarousek
      Author's Response
      thx. New version is beggin soon.