ServerRegionProtect 0.1.2

Secure region from WorldGuard

  1. MrJarousek
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.13
    • 1.14
    • 1.15
    Languages Supported:
    ServerRegionProtect-Protecting the server region using the WorldGuard 7+
    Version: v0. 0. 1

    If you are using version 1.12 go here:

    - By entering the config.YML plugin name of the region, you will enter it in the plugin protection. No one can break the region that is registered in config.yml, even operators can't do it!
    - Entity Protection: ItemFrame, Painting, Armor Stand.
    - Protection against changes in the ItemFrame.
    - Protection of the region from TNT explosion.
    - Protection from two-stick commands. (You can't set the region)
    - It is not possible to put or break a block in a protected region.

    /srp help-help for commands
    /srp reload-reload config.yml
    /srp reloadmsg-reload messages.yml
    - srp.* - full access to the plugin
    - srp.reload. cfg-access to the /srp reload command
    - srp.reload. cfg.msg-access to the /srp reloadmsg command
    - srp. serverregionprotect-access to protected regions
    # Protection of the region by the server.
    - spawn
    - pvp
    # Main message config.
    srp_msg: '&8 [&cSRP&8] &athis region is protected by the server!'
    noperm: '&cyou don't have enough rights to use this command.'
    config_reloaded: '&8 [&cSRP&8] &afile &6config.yml &abyl successfully restarted!'
    config_not_found: '&8 [&cSRP&8] &afile &6config.yml &sleep was found, a new one was created!'
    config_msg_reloaded: '&8 [&cSRP&8] &afile &6messages.yml &abyl successfully restarted!'
    config_msg_not_found: '&8 [&cSRP&8] &afile &6messages.yml &sleep was found, a new one was created!'
    srp_use_help: '&a usp: &e/srp help'

Recent Updates

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  2. Support 1.13-1.15