ServerRestorer 1.0.39

Backup and restore your server with ease. [supports FTP]

  1. zombie_striker
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.7
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    • 1.12
    • 1.13
    • 1.14
    • 1.15
    • 1.16
    Source Code:

    A bukkit plugin for backing up your server.

    • Backs-up the full server directory, including plugins, worlds, and config/property files.
    • Compresses backups. Can reduces the files down to 1/4th the size.
    • Includes automatic scheduled backups. Delay between backups is configurable.
    • Anti-Lag: Your server will not freeze when backups occur.
    • Fast backups: Saving servers can take less than a minute.
    • Small plugin size.
    • Supports FTP: Upload your backups to your home computer
    • Backup limits: If you're limited on space, you can configure limits to the amount of backups that are stored.
    • Will be continuously updated.
    Using compression techniques, we can decrease the backup size by up to 300%. When tested, this plugin can reduce a 2.82GB server down to just 0.98GB.

    Removes useless files:
    ServerRestorer has built in filters to make sure you are not saving useless files. Files such as logs files, which can be GBs in size full of console spam, and server.jar files, which cannot change, are not included in backups. Doing this can reduce the back file size by GBs. If you wish to store these files in the backups for some reason, you can always enable serverjar backups in the config.

    ServerRestorer supports FTP! You can now transfer backups directly from the server to your home computer or to another server.

    Coming soon. The intention of the restorer is to easily restore your server to an older backup whenever you want. Due to the fact that the server needs to be stopped in order to make changes to any of the files, this is still in WIP. Until this is added, just shutdown your server and copy all of the files from the Zip into your server directory to restore your server.

    • /sr save - Forces the save
    • /sr restore <backup> - Restores server to a previous state.
    • /sr enableAutoSaver [delay] - Changes the auto saver delay
    • /sr disableAutoSaver - Disables the autosaver.
    • "serverrestorer.*" - Contains all the permissions below
    • "" - Allows the user to access /sr save commands.
    • "serverrestorer.restore" - Allows the user to access /sr restore commands.

    This plugin collects stats using bStats:

    Bestats only collects information regarding your system architecture, the server version, and plugin version. If you really do not want any of this information being sent, you can disable bstats by going into the config and setting: "enableStats" to false.

Recent Reviews

  1. Area_54
    Version: 1.0.39
    Super inefficient when it used to work, better alternatives now, no support or updates for over a year.
  2. kixmc
    Version: 1.0.39
    Used this plugin for a little over half a year. It was the first one that came up when I searched so I just went with it. I didn't realize what I was missing out on until I switched plugins recently

    The actual backing up is seriously sluggish compared to alternatives. The plugin I'm using now (eBackup) is able to backup the server in about 20 minutes, while ServerRestorer takes over an hour per backup. Not to mention I'm using a higher compression level than ServerRestorer uses

    It does the job most of the time, but ironically despite being a plugin to prevent data loss, on and off on occasion likes to freeze the server when it's nearing completion of the backup requiring you to kill it (and cross your fingers it autosaved recently). Have lost data from these crashes, usually just a few minutes since the last autosave, but still upsetting for players. We're running on one of the best CPUs currently available, so I can confidently say this is not due to insufficient hardware

    Anyways, reading the other reviews it seems like it meets most peoples expectations, but if you want something more reliable I would choose an alternative, especially considering there has not been an update on here for over a year
  3. CamTheCoolKidYT
    Version: 1.0.39
    Works amazing. Only issue I have with it is that it does not backup the luckperms files completely.

    Also is very little to no support. No discord server is listed on the main page, however the dev does have a discord server but he doesn't respond to anyone on it.

    Other than that it works great and I love it, good job on this one.

    [ServerRestorer] Skipping file C:\Users\[]\Server\plugins\LuckPerms\ due to another process that has locked a portion of the file
  4. ghostly06
    Version: 1.0.39
  5. waxiie
    Version: 1.0.39
    This plugin works great on latest minecraft version 1.17, running on a Paper server.
  6. armegedon711
    Version: 1.0.39
    This plugin does exactly what it should, and it comes automatically configurated to ignore dynmap files (BTW they break most server host's cloud backups) So it is great that the developer did this automaticly!
  7. Minecon724
    Version: 1.0.39
    it randomly decides when it will work (or not)
    don't waste your time, search for some better plugin
  8. unknownio
    Version: 1.0.39
    is a amazing but little problem i have a plugin SkinsRestorer and with the command /sk is getting confuse
  9. oapfdp
    Version: 1.0.39
    The plugin is uesful and perfectly working.
    Why do you leave bed reviews??????
    The setup is also easy.
    It saved me a lot of times, and I love that it doesnt save jarfiles by default.
    (Not a waste fo time)
  10. JedreQ
    Version: 1.0.39
    It doesn't work !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DONT WASTE YOUR TIME FOR SUCH SHIT