ServerSalute Version 1.7

Launch fireworks for new and joining players. Send a message for joining your server.

  1. sammei19021
    What's this?
    ServerSalute is a plugin created for server owners and administrators, who would like to welcome their players with style, without having to use large plugins such as essentials! ServerSalute offers several features which you will love! (Works for 1.7 and 1.8)

    - Launches a red firework when a new player joins.

    - Launches a blue firework when an old player joins.

    - Sends the player a configurable message.

    - Plays a sound to players a certain permission.

    All these features are configurable! :)

    Configuration File
    A configuration file has been added in the new update, v1.0.1. You can use %player for the player's name, and you can also use color codes.



    Enabled: True

    WelcomeMsg: Welcome back, %player!


    Enabled: True



    Enabled: True

    WelcomeMsg: Welcome, %player!


    Enabled: True


    Enabled: True

    Commands & Permissions

    salute.admin: Plays a sound (Lava Pop) to admins who have this permissions when a player joins.salute.reload: Allows players to reload the plugins


    /salute reload or /ss reload

    Can't use color codes or symbols in the beginning of strings in the configuration file. Will be fixed next update (v1.0.5)

    Please submit any other bugs or glitches so they can be fixed!

    This is just a fun plugin to use which doesn't really serve a purpose but entertain your users. This plugin is also still at development and there are still more features to be added. If you have any ideas on how to improve this plugin, don't hesitate to tell us!

    Contact Me
    If anyone would like to contact me for any issue, my skype accounts is witherplaymc

    Future Updates
    -Configure what sound is played.
    -More commands to change config values.
    -More permissions.
    -Configure firework properties.
    -And much more!
    -Will take your suggestions for other features!

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