ServerSaver 1.0

A simple & lightweight automated world saver

  1. TheGamingGrunts

    Ever worry about losing progress in your worlds due to some
    freak accident or crash? Well, worry no longer! ServerSaver saves all of
    your worlds at specified intervals to ensure that
    world progress is never lost!

    Automated world saving. Nothing more, nothing less.

    Here is an example configuration file

    Code (Text):
    # ServerSaver Configuration File #
    #         © 2015 BlueCube        #

    # How frequently do you want to save your worlds?
    # Enter the time in minutes
    frequency: 5

    # Do you want the server to broadcast a message
    # when the worlds are saved?
    broadcast: true

    # What message would you like to send when worlds
    # are saved? (must have 'broadcast' set to true)
    message: '&d[Server] &8World Saved'

    Commands & Permissions

    Feature Requests & Bug Reports

    Got ideas you want implemented or want to report a bug that
    needs to be squashed? Let me know on the discussion page! :)
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Recent Reviews

  1. Zebiano
    Version: 1.0
    Works great! Simple and efficient.
    Nothing else is necessary to my eyes in this plugin. Plain world-saving at its best.
  2. rickerd120
    Version: 1.0