ServerSelectorX 3.3.1

The best option for a custom server selector

  1. RobinMC
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Legacy (< 1.13)
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.7
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    • 1.12
    • 1.13
    Source Code:
    Premium version
    If you have money, consider buying the premium version for more features.

    See the wiki


    Note: not all options shown in the screenshot are possible in the free version, but most are.

    If you want support send me a PM or join the support discord, please don't leave a review (for feature requests / bugs as well). Or maybe the FAQ answers your question?
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Recent Updates

  1. 3.3.1
  2. 3.3.0
  3. 3.2.4

Recent Reviews

  1. HowToDo
    Version: 3.3.1
    Great plugin but I don't know what is permission for compass use, players can't use it but op can. Please write me down permission for use.
    1. RobinMC
      Author's Response
      There are no permissions in the free version. It's probably a different plugin such as WorldGuard blocking the click
  2. Killbots2012
    Version: 3.3.1
    Currently not a fan it does not respect bungee's permissions. It allows users to access a restricted server there for will be using another plugin/method. Also the person on the discord support server was quite rude about how it doesn't need to check permissions.
    1. RobinMC
      Author's Response
      You claimed that with ServerSelectorX installed, people could use /server <name> to go to restricted servers. There is no way that ServerSelectorX causes this, it's impossible for bukkit plugins to modify BungeeCord commands.

      To make sure only certain players can click on an icon in the server selector, you can buy the premium version which supports permissions (for join items, opening the menu and clicking specific icons)

      Discord chat log:
  3. JoshuaLovesCode
    Version: 3.3.1
    BEST Server Selector Plugin Ever!!!!
    I had a problem with the plugin but the Author helped me and we fixed it!!!
    99 / 5
    I recommend this plugin to all server owners!!
  4. superStardark99
    Version: 3.3.1
    Plugin easy to set up, excellent compatibility and response with the server on which it is installed. A bit slow to understand if a server is offline or online and often does not score the right number of players. "Fixed bugs where players are able to take items out of the menu in some rare cases" in the premium version ... so ... it's not rare, but it's often and a bug fix in a premium version is a sign of unprofessionalism by a developer. Additional features in a paid version is fair, but not a bug fix since any software should be free of bugs.
    1. RobinMC
      Author's Response
      Actually, the bug has been fixed in 3.3.0. It might be an issue with your configuration, please contact me via a spigot pm or discord (preferred) so we can solve this issue.
  5. KevinYouTube
    Version: 3.3.1
    Nice plugin Bro,
    please update:
    - Change position items, on online or offline/special motd
  6. steven101
    Version: 3.3.1
    Have been using this plugin for quite sometime now and it works great! Does everything it is supposed to do. Keep up the good work ma man!
  7. SilverHuskey
    Version: 3.3.1
    Best server selector plugin ever! The dev is also extremely helpful and very very kind!
  8. hammynl
    Version: 3.3.1
    My last review was a little stupid XD, I got it to work and well it's simply amazing, Now i understand it easy to set-up and working correctly, Simply amazing, You did a great job!
  9. GMatrix
    Version: 3.3.1
    One of the best Server Selectors, and better yet, it's free. Amazing job! Looking forward to using it more as my server turns into a network.
  10. tommmie2001
    Version: 3.3.1
    Very good plugin the free version does most of the basic stuff you would expect with a server selector, personally im using the paid version and I am very happy I bought it. (Paid) Is kinda tricky to setup in the beginning, configuring the connector but when you know how it works it is perfect. The Creator is very nice and the discord help chat is very usefull. For someone who wants to try this plugin i would recommend trying the free version first and when your happy consider upgrading to the paid version. Its worth the investment!

    ~Mr. Ceasar
    1. RobinMC
      Author's Response
      Thank you for the detailed review! I agree, especially the premium version can be a bit hard to set up. General advice for people reading this: keep in mind that the free version has a different config layout than the premium version, so if you do want to use the premium version, don't waste a lot of time configuring the free version.