ServerSelectorX 3.2.4

Create advanced custom menus - Everything configurable!

  1. RobinMC
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.7
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    • 1.12
    Source Code:
    Note: this screenshot may be out of date. See up-to-date table here:

    Drop the jar file into the plugins directory of your Spigot server(s)
    yep, that's it.

    Configuration files

    Premium version
    A premium version of this plugin is available for purchase for €4,99. It is way better than the free version, see the comparison table for details. Unfortunately you have to join the Discord server to get the premium plugin for now, I might make a website later.


    @Spanner_Man - $10
    @Spanner_Man - €4,99
    @Endergirl2900 - $50
    @Norge100 - €4,99
    @Chaspyr - VIP+ on hypixel
    @Twisted_Liberty - $10
    @BastiaanSahetapy - $2
    @alan67160 - €4,99
    + some more with unknown spigot names

    (please put your Spigot username in the comment box when donating so I can add your name here)

    This plugin sends data every 30 minutes to Many plugins do this. It does not influence server performance since it is run on a seperate thread. View data here:

    If you want support send me a PM or join the support discord, do NOT leave a review! (for feature requests / bugs as well). Or maybe the FAQ answers your question?


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Recent Updates

  1. 3.2.4
  2. 3.2.3
  3. Fixes and stuff

Recent Reviews

  1. AniqMinecrafter
    Version: 3.2.4
    Great plugin! but what is the placeholders? like how to display the players that are in the server and the ping that you can get?
    1. RobinMC
      Author's Response
  2. JavyMC
    Version: 3.2.4
    Great resource! REDBOW Network its using this plugin! IP: REDBOW.ML VERSION: 1.8.X
    1. RobinMC
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the review and unwanted advertisement
  3. sebas4412
    Version: 3.2.4
    This plugin is great and does exactly what it says it does although, I would love if there was a /servers command that opened the gui
    1. RobinMC
      Author's Response
      You can add any command you want in your menu file (e.g. default.yml)
  4. OnlyTheBest
    Version: 3.2.4
    Great plugin, effortless to edit and customise so i highly reccomend! Just a quick tip with fancy letters you have to put it in '' rather than keep it with nothing!
    Support is amazing and it isn't even premium! 10/10 just go on the discord and help will arive within secconds!
    Overall: Best plugin for server custimisation!
    1. RobinMC
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the review!
  5. 2KastOn_Bag2
    Version: 3.2.4
    Great plugin though, there are two problems:
    1. It takes a long time to update server status (20-30 seconds)
    2. Very often it happens that the menu doesn't open and you have to wait.
    1. RobinMC
      Author's Response
      The premium version updates instantly. You can get it in the discord server.

      The open delay should not be happening though - Can you try increasing cache time to 500 in config.yml?
  6. IsS127
    Version: 3.2.4
    Amazing developer and amazing plugin!
    100% Recommended.
    So many good features and supports 1.7 to 1.12!!!!
  7. ItzGamingWIthMe
    Version: 3.2.4
    Good but.....
    Add &c and some others not only &1 &2
    And when i make damage.hit in configuration it dont play that sound it says unknown sound. fix these 2 thing and ill rate 5 stars
    1. RobinMC
      Author's Response
      The reviews is not the place to ask support.

      Color codes do work. Make sure to put any string with special characters in quotation marks.

      Sounds work, make sure to use the correct sound for your version as explained in the config.

      If you need any more help please delete your review and contact me through discord or Spigot PM.
  8. KnifeKat
    Version: 3.2.4
    Love this Plugin. The customization of the GUI is just fucking insane. Its superb. I'll be attaching the command to a server Warp NPC, making it even better. I love how I can decorate and make it look pretty.

    I posted a Question on the thread, hopefully you'll be able to solve my question I asked. Thanks a lot. <3
  9. iLanZz
    Version: 3.2.4
    Insane plugin! but why its take so much time to update the players on the server on the selector, thanks for helping
    1. RobinMC
      Author's Response
      This will be fixed in the next / a future update.
  10. ln74
    Version: 3.2.4
    A-MA-ZING! This is the BEST server selector plugin I've EVER seen! But , could you make a link to the placeholders that I/we could use in a server selector? That would make some thing more easy! (e.g. a profile of a player; rank etc.) Keep up the amazing work! <3
    1. RobinMC
      Author's Response