ServerSigns v4.6.1

Easily apply complex commands to in-game blocks

  1. Exloki
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.7
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    • 1.12
    • 1.13
    • 1.14
    • 1.15
    Source Code:
    CalibeR50, Exloki, EpiCanard

    Please check our Wiki before asking questions or submitting tickets

    Please try the latest development build (click here) before reporting issues

    ServerSigns (SVS) provides the ability to bind player-dispatched and server-disptached commands, messages and actions to signs and every other block in Minecraft.

    As soon as a player clicks on a ServerSign, the configured actions are executed in the order and with the settings you specified.

    Main Features:
    • No limit: Unlimited commands per ServerSign
    • Multi-role: Assign a variety of actions whenever a sign is clicked (even define different commands for right/left clicks)
      • Messages: Send messages to the player
      • Broadcasts: Send messages to the whole server
      • Player commands: Executes commands as if the player typed it in chat
      • Server commands: Executes commands as if it was executed from the server console
    • Delayed actions: Any action can be delayed (from seconds to months)
    • Looped actions: Any ServerSign can be converted to loop server commands with defined intervals
    • Require permissions: ServerSigns can be set up to require permissions to use
    • Grant permissions: Grants players temporary permissions to execute the commands
    • Per-sign costs: Bind exp, money, and item costs to ServerSigns
    • Protected: Automatically protects every ServerSign and any attached blocks.
    • Basic scripting: Implement if/else and return statements in commands on ServerSigns
    Please note that version 2.6 and above will notify you when a ServerSigns developer joins, this is so you're aware of who we are when we join, and we can help you with any issues you may be having with ServerSigns as quickly as possible. Version 4.1 and above will also send the developer a message stating the current plugin version.

    This plugin utilizes an auto-updating feature that will check for the latest ServerSigns build and automatically download that build if it is newer than the currently installed one. This can be disabled by setting 'check_for_updates' to false in the config.yml

    This plugin uses Metrics to gather basic non-identifiable statistical data such as the number of ServerSigns you are using, your plugin version, and other standard data. You can opt-out of this feature by setting 'metrics_opt_out' to true in the config.yml. A full list of gathered information can be found here:

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    Known bugs
    • ALL VERSIONS: Spawn protection prevents non-ops using ServerSigns This issue cannot be 'fixed', as stated by md_5 - known sollutions include setting spawn-protection to 0, or clearing ops.json

    Latest Releases, Issues, Requests, and Help

    The main resource page for this plugin is hosted at on this page. This Spigot page is not routinely checked and updated and should not be relied upon for accurate information or latest releases.

Recent Reviews

  1. MineBergMan
    Version: v4.6.1
    I don't have /svs setperms working, or rather permissions are not checked. The sign can be used by anyone, even those who do not have the permission specified in permissions - sign. LuckyPerms is not supported?
  2. Zezzin
    Version: v4.6.1
    LOVE this plugin, went through a couple different plugins with similar uses and this one by far has helped me the most! Incredibly customizable and user friendly, highly recommend! also~was wonder if there was a discord I could contact you all at? and in response to the person below.. you need to /svs grant add [permission] to give them pex permissions... don't post a 1 star if its just a question...
  3. SpyroTheDragon
    Version: v4.6.1
    [WARNING] [PermissionsEx] User CynderTheDragon tried to access chat command "pex user CynderTheDragon group add Hatchling", but doesn't have permission to do this.
    1. Exloki
      Author's Response
      This is because you're not using the correct command parameters (you need to use <server> to run it from the console, or use the operator give the user OP, etc) - please check our wiki at
  4. david890504
    Version: v4.6.0
    How to translate? plz...........................................................
  5. shotcraft3x
    Version: v4.5.3
    Buenisimo plugins! siempre el mejor, para los que quieran entenderlo en espaƱol las funciones de este plugins que tiene unas bastantes interesantes. Les dejo un tutorial:
  6. iS4DaNGeR
    Version: v4.5.3
    Thank You For This Plugin <3333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333
  7. demon2749
    Version: v4.5.3
    SERVERS SIGNS IS HERE TO STAY BOYS! This is the best plugin on spigot. fight me.
  8. Renesys
    Version: v4.5.3
  9. ScuroK
    Version: v4.5.3
    Thanks alot for updating this awesome plugin. its one of the most important tools on my server.
  10. Delanothje
    Version: 4.5.1