ServerStates 1.0.0

advanced whtielisting

  1. Voigon
    hello everyone!
    it my first public plugin.

    What is this plugin
    this plugin is something like advanced whitelist. in whitelist you have only one "type" but this plugin have unlimited

    Built in types:
    whitelist: only players in bukkit whitelist can join
    open: everyone can join

    there is only one command:
    /states [state]
    this command set the server state, work only if you op

    this plugin states is using permissions.
    the permission is: serverstates.join.[state]

    1. copy \ move the plugin to plugins folder
    2. reload \ restart

    This is very simple plugin
    Source is coming soon


    - Please turn of whitelisting. this plugin will not do anything with whitelist on
    - If player is op auto can join in all states.
    - Plugin tested on ggservers and local server. if you have buggs say me and i will fix them