ServerTweet 1.0

Tweet your server status!

  1. glatteis
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.9
    Tlsslurp (idea)
    is a small plugin with which you can tweet stuff that happens on your server in certain intervals. You can also broadcast the messages you want to tweet to the players on your server.

    Depends on: PlaceholderAPI

    Setting this up takes about 10 minutes, so stay with me here. It's not very complicated though.
    1. Put this plugin and PlaceholderAPI into your plugins folder. Run your server once so that this plugin can generate its config.
    2. Make a twitter account for your server. I have made this account as example:
    3. Register your phone number on your twitter account. I do not know why you have to do this, but you have to. This was Twitter's idea. I do NOT have access to your phone number. You can read more about this here:
    No worries, you can register the same phone number on as many accounts as you want.
    4. Go to
    5. Click on "Create New App"
    This menu will popup.
    You don't have to put anything into Callback URL. Put your server website or any other website in "Website", it does not matter.
    Click on "Yes, I agree" and "Create your twitter application".
    6. Open the config.yml of ServerTweet. It should look about like this:
    Code (Text):
    consumerKey: ''
    consumerSecret: ''
    accessToken: ''
    accessTokenSecret: ''
    - broadcast: false
      delay: 4000
      message: Hello World!
    - broadcast: true
      delay: 2000
      message: '[%server_date_"h:mm a"]There are %server_online% players online!'
    6. Click on "Permissions". "Read and Write" should be selected. If it isn't, select it and click on "Update Settings".
    7. Click on "Keys and Access Tokens" and copy the consumer key and consumer secret to the config.
    On the bottom of the page, click on "Create my access token" and copy the access token and access token secret to the config.yml.
    Remember that everyone that has these keys has access to your twitter account, so don't share them with anyone!
    8. You're done with the registering! Now, you can edit your messages. Two examples are given below, just format the messages like that. You can see all the placeholders you can use here.
    Remember you can't post the same tweet twice on twitter so I would suggest adding a time tag so every tweet is unique if it has the same message.
    This plugin is pretty basic, so if you want to suggest any functionality, do it in Discussions! (Please don't in Reviews, you can't really discuss things there :D )
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  1. MrBlunt
    Version: 1.0
    Thank you again! Just launched it! Works fantastic.
    Is it possible to add functions it upload picture all the time ? would be even more epic.