ServerView 1.2

A simple way to view servers in your network in a network-wide GUI!

  1. Spawl

    An easy way to view the status of your servers along with their player counts in a nice, cross-network, GUI! If you install this on your BungeeCord, it will work everywhere on your network.


    The server view plugin gets a list of your servers from your Bungee configuration. It then lists them in an easy to understand inventory. From this inventory you can view if they are online or not, click to join them, or view the online players!

    This plugin depends on BungeePackets! Get it here:

    If you have RedisBungee installed, the GUI will still show correct player counts!

    Simply drop the ServerView.jar into your plugins directory of your BungeeCord server. Restart the Bungee and it will be loaded!

    Here is a German video tutorial made by @BukkitFAQ

    As far as I am aware, this plugin works with all builds greater than minecraft version 1.6.4.

    By default, the plugin works using the command /servers this is configurable.

    This plugin is very configurable and allows you to customize many aspects of it. The config is very straight forward and gives you information on how to customize everything.
    Code (Text):
    #   _____                          _    ___          
    #  / ___/___  ______   _____  ____| |  / (_)__ _      __
    #  \__ \/ _ \/ ___/ | / / _ \/ ___/ | / / / _ \ | /| / /
    # ___/ /  __/ /   | |/ /  __/ /   | |/ / /  __/ |/ |/ /
    #/____/\___/_/    |___/\___/_/    |___/_/\___/|__/|__/
    # Made By Spawl

    # View all of your servers in a nice, elegant, GUI!    

    # If RedisBungee is a dependency on your server,
    # ServerView will still get correct player counts
    # for each server.

    # THIS PLUGIN DEPENDS ON BungeePackets

    # Commands that allow you to open the inventory.
      - serverview
      - server
      - servers

    # Allows users to click the desired server while in the inventory to join it!
    Enable click to join: true

    # Enables pinging of servers to display if they are online or not
    Enable pinging of servers: true

    # The delay between each ping of all servers (in seconds)
    Ping delay: 5

    # Enables the showing of player counts or not
    Enable player counts: true

    # Allows you to set custom items for each server. By default, all
    # servers have green stained glass when online, red stained glass
    # when full, and black stained glass when offline!
      hub-1: '15:1'
      hub-2: '15:2'

    # Allows you to alter the visible name of the server.
    # For example,
    # hub-1: 'Hub #1'
    # That will appear as 'Hub #1' for server hub.
      hub-1: 'Hub #1'
      hub-2: 'Hub #2'
      lobby-1: 'Lobby #1'      

    Source Code
    You can find the source code, and in depth usage for the API on the GitHub.

    Leave a Review
    If you use the plugin, or find it useful in any way (or not useful :(), please leave your feedback below.
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Recent Reviews

  1. bjlucky123
    Version: 1.2
    I am a Korean users. This plugin is great. But does this plug-in is compatible with the version 1.5.2 ??
  2. madwolfpack
    Version: 1.2
    Does not support Bukkit color code {&}. This is a downside. I can use chestcommands and it does what this does much better and easier I also can set a countdown to confirm they want to join that server unlike this plugin
  3. alpinestar77
    Version: 1.2
    Really good plugin, but I have noticed that after a while the GUI items disappear from the menu, yet the slots are still clickable? I have to restart to fix this. Other than this, the plugin is great!
  4. miaomiaojiang
    Version: 1.2
    nice plugins
  5. SancLovin
    Version: 1.1
    Please support java 7 version too ^_^, this is awesome plugin for bungee thanks
    1. Spawl
      Author's Response
      Doing that now! :D
  6. DeadlyBlaze
    Version: 1.1
    Thanks! <3