SessionSkip 2

Skip authentication with the Mojang session servers under certain conditions.

  1. Nick
    WARNING: SessionSkip can allow players to log in as your staff if you do not configure it properly. Do not use this plugin if you aren't 100% certain of what you're doing and what the possible consequences are.

    WARNING: UUIDs are now in use. SessionSkip will cause your server to completely ignore a player's real UUID if they are bypassing authentication. A fake offline-mode UUID (based on the player's name) will be used instead.

    SessionSkip allows players to skip authentication with the Mojang session servers when they meet one of the following configurable criterion:
    • They connect to a specific listener/hostname combination.
    • They connect using a specific hostname.
    • They connect from a specific IP address.
    While hostnames and IP addresses are fairly self explanatory, a listener takes two forms: A connection made directly to an IP address and port, or a connection made to an IP address and port with a specified hostname. With that in mind, a listener could look like either of the following, depending on what the player types in when connecting:
    • If the player types ""
      • /
    • If the player types ""
    • sessionskip.admin - Allows use of all SessionSkip commands from in-game.
    • /sessionskip reload - Reloads the plugin and config file.
    • /sessionskip enable - Enables SessionSkip until BungeeCord is restarted.
    • /sessionskip disable - Disables SessionSkip until BungeeCord is restarted.
    SessionSkip has a "enabled" setting in the config file, which will determine whether it is enabled (true) or disabled (false) by default when BungeeCord starts up.

    • BungeeCord build 691 or newer
    • BungeeYAML plugin
    Source code is available on GitHub.

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Recent Reviews

  1. SebliYT
    Version: 2
    Nice Plugin, funktioniert echt super und bis jetzt ist noch kein fehler aufgetreten. Gute Arbeit !!!
  2. Creepers
    Version: 2
    I love this, very useful.. although I would recomend switching from BungeeYAML to Yamler, sense BungeeYAML is no longer being developed...
  3. IvanTheGreat
    Version: 2
    Excellent! Works as advertised.
  4. mbcx2
    Version: 1
    This plugin is very good if you have a friend that you really really trust that did not buy the game that you want him to join the server, Just don't add random people's IP address, they can hack you.