SetHealth V1.1

Want a standalone plugin that replenishes health and hunger?

  1. iArcanex

    This plugin is a very basic resource that I've coded long ago. It heals and replenishes the hunger of a player. I had this on my old server where I didn't have essentials and had a custom platform of plugins. This plugin isn't intended for people who have essentials and it's made to be one that does as it describes. I didn't want to keep this to myself if I wasn't going to use it, so here you go.

    I'm thinking of also updating the plugin itself to include more features. It was intended on SETTING a player's health in the beginning, but it kind of delved away from that point.

    /heal {Player} - Heals and Feeds the player.
    /feed {Player} - Feeds the player and removes the hunger effect (if active).

    ○ sethealth.* - Grants you all perms for the plugin.
    ○ sethealth.heal - allows you to perform /heal.
    ○ sethealth.feed - allows you to perform /feed.

    1) Install the plugin and place it into the 'plugins' directory.
    2) Afterwards start the server and you're good!

    Keep in mind there is no configuration! In the future there will be several NEW additions I'm planning, see them below.

    Things to come:
    ○ Adding a /feed command that replenishes hunger.
    ○ Configuration that includes cool-down modification.
    ○ Add the ability to set a player's health and hunger.

    Blue - Implemented, but not configured.
    Green - Implemented and done!
    Red - Not yet implemented.

    If you have any suggestions or recommendations please contact me. Please also leave a five star rating if you liked the plugin and if you didn't please PM me on what I can improve before giving me a low rating.

    ○ Nathan ○