setMotd-Reloaded [Spigot Version] 1.0

Set your Motd! Not in the Config set in InGame!

  1. maxi1498

    1. What it does?

    It sets your Motd from an List and changes randomly between them! You can see this effect by refreshing your Server List!
    Also it sets the MaxPlayerCount to a given Number more than the online PlayerCount!

    2. How it works?

    To use the Plugin, just drop it in your Bukkit plugins Folder and restart the Server!
    Your Motd will be set to an Default example! So set it direktly after joining!

    in the Config.yml you can set following things:

    AtOnlinePlayer: The Count from where the adding to the MaxPlayer is starting!

    NormalMaxPlayer: The Count if there are Less Player Online than the given amount from 'AtOnlinePlayer'

    PlusMaxPlayer: The Amount the MaxPlayerCount will be added to the current online Player count!

    You can use '&' for ColorCodes from Minecraft! You also can use %ONLINE% for the Online Count!

    3. TO-DO?

    [+] Add way to set the Active Motd!
    [+] Add PlaceHolder!

    Thank you for your interest your Maxi ;D

    (Please report Bugs in the Discuss Area! And please not repost my Plugin as yours, because find it and kill you! ;D Just joking but not repost it as yours! Thanks!)