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A simple usage world creator plugin with custom options to create the world you want!

  1. PizzaDressing

    Plugin Information:
    SeveralWorlds is a multiworld plugin who lets you create and modify worlds with custom WorldTypes.
    This is my first published plugin, so please comment what i should do next in the plugin :)

    By typing the world create command

    - SeveralWorlds create <name>

    You open up a GUI to choose the different options to create the perfect world!

    Commands and Permission:
    The main command is
    with no permission to see the help menu.
    Every subcommand has its own permission, like

    Ex: SeveralWorlds.create

    The subcommands are:
    /sv create <name>
    /sv remove <world>
    /sv info <world>
    /sv setflag <world> <flag> <true/false>
    /sv setspawn <world>
    /sv spawn
    /sv goto <world>

    SeveralWorlds API:
    SeveralWorlds has its own API for developers to use.

    How to create and remove worlds simply:

    Code (Text):

    //Create the world
    SeveralWorlds.create(Player, "name", Environment, WorldType);

    //Remove the world
    Our custom events:

    Code (Text):

    //Check if a worlds gets created

       public void onWorldCreate(SWCreateWorldEvent e) {

    //Check if a worlds gets removed

       public void onWorldCreate(SWRemoveWorldEvent e) {
    In our event, you can use these features:
    - e.getPlayer()
    gets the player who creates/removes the world

    - e.setCancelled(true);
    cancel the creation/world remove.

    The plugin will automaticly check if the world exists, and send a message to all players with the permission "SeveralWorlds.createworld" that the world already exists.

    Make sure to comment if you want me to add more flags or features! :)
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