SeveralWorlds | World Creator 3.0

A simple usage world creator plugin with custom options to create the world you want!

  1. Bug Fixes

    • Fixed bugs with creating worlds
    • Fixed a bug in the removeWorld event
    • Changed some texting and better translate
  2. API update and bug fixes

    API Update:
    • Added custom event:
      - SWRemoveWorldEvent
      - SWCreateWorldEvent
    Bug fixes:
    • Fixed some grammar spelling
    • Fixed removing a world bug
    • Gets the player who creates the world
    • Not getting a message when removing world

    And i've started working on a custom messages YAML file for people to translate every single text in the plugin :)
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  3. Big GUI Update!

    SeveralWorlds is proud to announce a big GUI update to create, and list worlds!

    Creating a world:
    - /severalworlds create <name>

    Press the different options to create the world you want!

    Listing worlds:
    - /severalworlds list


    Comment below if you want me to add more features! :)
  4. API and Metrics update

    Developers API update:
    Now lets you remove world with a simple API removeWorld(World);
    It will check if the world exists in the SeveralWorlds config and send a message to the Console if the world got removed.

    Metrics Update:
    Now added metrics to support McStats statistics.