SexyPex [Network Wide Ranks with PEX] 1.2.1

It's the sexier backend for PermissionsEx.

  1. _Cory_
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.7
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    • 1.12
    Why the high price?

    Support via IRC at #ryred. I may be asleep, but it will be the fastest method of contact if I'm at my pc, along with teamspeak at


    Hey, consider LuckyPerms before you purchase this!

    Now supported by BungeePEXBridge! Thanks to PhilipsNostrum! <3

    Where I was using a fork of PermissionsEx, I was unable to upload it here due to licensing issues. So I've had to make it into a plugin..

    This PEX backend allows for your users to be controlled via a database. And the groups to be controlled via permissions.yml.

    The installation is basically everything.
    Demonstration at 12:00.

    Why use SexyPex over the default MySQL backend
    By default, PEX stores groups & permissions entirely in the MySQL database. While this is intentional by design, it becomes unnecessary over a large-scaled network overtime as you stack permissions for every group to be used by each server. Your player doesn't need Plot permissions while on a minigame server, do they? Keep all your groups organized per-server via permissions.yml while allowing your users to sync on MySQL and remain scalable and tidy.
    A configuration such as this also allows servers who aren't Bungee/multi-server to take advantage of MySQL while being able to easily manage their permissions and groups within' permissions.yml without having to use overly complicated in-game commands or modifying the actual database, which at times, isn't deemed user friendly.
    Provided by @Log1x


    HEY I'll install this totally for you at no extra! Just PM me.
    3. Make sure all servers have IP Forwarding synchronized (keeps all the UUID's the same)
    4. Drag this into plugins folder.
    5. For now you've got to use this version of PEX. Fixing it soon!
    6. Restart server.
    7. Edit the PermissionsEx/config.yml
    8. If you're lazy do the following else see 7.
      1. Change the backend to sexy.
      2. Reboot the server.
    9. Add your database credentials. (See here)
    10. Change the backend to sexy if you haven't already done so.
    11. Restart the server
    12. [DONE] Unless you want to import the file.
    13. Go into server, and do /pex import file
    Example Configuration
    File: ${SERVER_ROOT}/PermissionsEx/config.yml
    Code (Text):
      use-netevents: true
      debug: false
      allowOps: false
      user-add-groups-last: false
      log-players: false
      createUserRecords: false
      backend: sexy
        changes: false
      basedir: plugins/PermissionsEx
          type: sexy
          skip-add-default: false
          file: permissions.yml
          uri: mysql://localhost/DatabaseName
          user: root
          password: alpine
    updater: false
    alwaysUpdate: false
    If you wish to use UTF-8 chars such as '❤' you need to ensure the following is done...
    In the config.yml where your uri is, ensure it has ?useUnicode=true&characterEncoding=UTF-8 in the URI args.

    It should look similar to the following...
    Code (Text):
    uri: mysql://localhost/ryred_co?useUnicode=true&characterEncoding=UTF-8
    If you don't want the default group to be added to all users regardless of their current group. There is a config option to toggle. skip-add-default: false. This may break things like group syncing ect, however. More can be found on my post in the discussion

    So here's the deal. We use UUID's from to get and broadcast a slightly personalised message about certain users. These users have earnt their place here however if you wish to disable this feature create the file ryred_co in the server root. The source for this is on github, named UUIDServlet, and UUIDCredits. This should not affect how the plugin works.

    Code (spiget-extra (Unknown Language)):

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    Cory is the man. That's all I have to say here. I wanted to keep groups/world perms alone on each server, but sync users across servers. My users, have perms for vault ranks, etc. This does EXACTLY that. Now, I can add user perms on the hub to a person to rank them up, and after they login, SQL updates. So when they xfer to another server, they have their perms there too! ROCK SOLID! (And backup your perms before you do anything...)
    1. _Cory_
      Author's Response
      I take it you done it then.. ;P
      Hahaha thanks for the backup PSA!! Glad I could help.
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    This plugin is perfect and I recommend it to anyone whom needs something similar, the author is really active and an extremely nice guy. He was willing to help until the issue was resolved that I was helping and even checked in with me after I forgot to reply for a few days.
    1. _Cory_
      Author's Response
      Thanks a lot bro, sorry I didn't reply to this sooner, never saw the notification I guess ;P
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    This plugin meets everything I was looking for. Thanks. It was very simple to setup and would recommend this to anyone wanting to have global groups.
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    Had a huge issue, went into IRC, issue was resolved in less then 30 seconds. If you are thinking about global ranks, best plugin to do so!
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      Thanks, you weren't alone with that issue xD
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    8/8 I was skeptical before buying it, but I spoke to the author and he was very helpful. It's well worth the money, I would recommend getting it if you have multiple servers with pex.
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      Author's Response
      Thanks a lot for the beautiful review :) <3
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    This is an amazing plugin, exactly what I was looking for. I was a little hesitant with the price tag on this at first, but it was definitely worth it. Plus, if you have any trouble with it the dev is super helpful and gets right back to you :D
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      Thanks for the great review. :)
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