Shadow Punish 2 0.1-Beta

Fully customizable punishment GUI system for Spigot

  1. MikeTheShadow
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    • 1.16
    Shadow Punish 2
    A fully customizable punishment system for Spigot servers!

    Note: This plugin is in early release! Bugs, Errors and other mishaps are bound to occur. Please report them to me so that they can be patched asap! Feature requests are also greatly appreciated.


    • An understanding of YML configs
    • A MySQL Server


    Note: Currently only MUTE and BAN are supported in the config. No other punishment exists as of yet.

    • A fully customizable punishment GUI for easy punishment of offending players
    • Punishment history to see the past infractions of a player as to better decide what their next punishment should be
    • A global ban/mute system. Any server this plugin is on will automagically prevent players from joining/speaking

    Who Should Use This Plugin?

    • A server looking to create a fully customized punishment system with many different ban/mute durations
    • A server that is looking to also keep track of the aforementioned bans/mutes

    Who Should NOT Use This Plugin?

    • Servers looking for an out-of-the-box ban/mute plugin
    • Servers looking for a quick setup ban/mute plugin


    • /punish PlayerName | Opens the punishment GUI with the player as the target.
    • /ph | Punishment history. Views the punishment history of yourself (ShadowPunish.basic permission needed). Players with the ShadowPunish.punish perm can also view other players history with /ph PlayerName

    Useful Info

    • Permissions
    1. ShadowPunish.basic | Allows a player to use /ph on themselves to see their punishment history
    2. ShadowPunish.punish | Allows a player to /punish other players. However, they cannot punish other players with this permission
    3. ShadowPunish.override | This allows the user to punish anyone on the server regardless of permission