SharctigLog | Save all commands executed. 2015-08-15

Logs all chat, commands.

  1. xcamnhamx
    Admins abusing and Players insulting with no proof?
    SharcticLog is here to save you ;)

    No configuration needed. Even my 11 years old sister knows how to install it.:p
    Start your server with the plugin in your plugins folder and its all good to go.

    Check the logs in plugins/SharcticLog/CmdFile and ChatFile.

    It logs Command and Chat with clear time and date.
    For 1.7~1.8:oops:

    Commands: /sl : All commands.

    Server Ip :​

Recent Reviews

  1. Elijah
    Version: 2015-08-15
    Seems pretty simple and cool, how about that Bungee suport?
    1. xcamnhamx
      Author's Response
      I'm not planning for that but I'll do it if I have time. Thanks for your review!