Sheep Spawn Colors 1.0.1

Per-world color probabilities for spawned sheep

  1. SlimeDog
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.16
    • 1.17
    drives_a_ford, SlimeDog
    Languages Supported:
    US English by default. All messages are configurable.
    Do you want to see more pink sheep? Do you want never to see another pink sheep? Do you want to see only black sheep? SheepSpawnColors can do all of that and more.

    SheepSpawnColors manages the colors of spawned sheep on a per-world basis.

    In vanilla Minecraft, the probabilities for colors of spawned sheep are
    • 0.8184 white
    • 0.0500 black
    • 0.0500 gray
    • 0.0500 light gray
    • 0.0300 brown
    • 0.0016 pink
    SheepSpawnColors allows adjustment of these probabilities on a server-wide or per-world basis. Of course, the colors of individual sheep may still be changed with dyes.

    Initial installation should always be performed first on a test server, in order to verify configuration and results. We strongly recommend saving a server backup before proceeding.
    • Ensure that your server is running a compatible version of Spigot.
    • Download the version-specific release from the Version History tab.
    • Stop the server.
    • Remove any previous SheepSpawnColor jar file.
    • Move the new SheepSpawnColor jar file to the plugins/ directory.
    • Start the server.
    • Stop the server.
    • Edit the configuration file to add the target world(s). See CONFIGURATION.
    • Edit the messages file to change any messages you choose, or localize to a different language. See LOCALIZATION.
    • Start the server.
    • Repair initially-generated chunks to reflect the coloration configuration. See COMMANDS AND PERMISSIONS.
    • Enjoy your sheep!
    The initial configuration file reflects the vanilla Minecraft color probabilities, in the default color-scheme section. To change the probabilities for all worlds, change the defaults.

    Additional color-schemes are included: black and monochrome. Assign any world(s) that you want to use those color-schemes.

    Create new color-schemes, if desired, following the examples; probabilities must add to 1.0. Assign any world(s) that you want to use those color-schemes.

    A quick note of warning: SheepSpawnColors resets the colors of sheep in chunks that are generated while the plugin is enabled, according to the configuration active at that time. The colors of sheep in previously-generated chunks will not be automatically reset. If you want to reset the sheep colors in those chunks (or in any Minecraft region), SheepSpawnColors provides commands to do so.

    Commands may be run at the console. If permissions are explicitly granted, commands may be run in-game. Players have no permissions by default. Tab-completion is supported for all commands.
    Code (Text):

    commands                                                                              permissions
    sheepspawncolors                                                                      sheepspawncolors.use
    sheepspawncolors color region [ world-name x z ] [ --all ] [ --leashed ] [ --pets ]   sheepspawncolors.color
    sheepspawncolors scan region [ world-name x z ] [ --all ] [ --leashed ] [ --pets ]    sheepspawncolors.scan
    sheepspawncolors reload                                                               sheepspawncolors.reload
    You may use the alias ssc for convenience. If executed at the console, the location parameters (world-name and x and z) are required. In-game, the current region is used if the location parameters are omitted.

    With the default configuration, the following entity categories are included in coloration:
    • leashed sheep
    • pet sheep identified by MyPet (version 3.10 and later)
    The configuration may be changed to ignore either or both (remember to reload the plugin or re-start the server for changes to take effect). Regardless of the configuration settings, the --leashed and --pets flags will include the respective categories. All categories are included by --all.

    The default messages should be fine to get started, but any message may be changed to conform to your preferences. Save a backup of the file before you change it. Edit SheepSpawnColors/messages.yml, make any changes, then reload the configuration or restart the server. Remember that the messages file must contain valid YAML.

    Anonymous bStats metrics are enabled by default. They may be disabled in the configuration. We appreciate the usage statistics, and hope that you will leave them enabled. All information may be publicly viewed on bStats.

    We appreciate any kind of feedback and we offer fast support.

    GitHub: The Best Place for Bug Reports and Feature Requests

    If your have an issue or you want to make a feature request, please open an issue on GitHub and follow the templates. If you do not have a GitHub account, we strongly urge you to create one It is free and easy, and makes tracking issues so much easier.

    SpigotMC Discussion Forum

    We monitor the forum actively. Please include relevant information to help us answer the question, including Spigot version and SheepSpawnColors version. We may move the information to an
    issue for tracking.

    Please avoid posting full console logs in the Discussion forum. Use pastebin or a similar service.

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    Issues posted in reviews will be ignored. We hope they will be replaced with more positive reviews when the issues are resolved.

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