SheepPinatas 1.0

Create pinatas in shape of Sheep. Simple plugin

  1. TrexMX
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Legacy (< 1.13)
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    As a java learner, I decided to make this plugin from a idea I had in the past.
    This plugin let you to make Piñatas in a shape of a Sheep. The loots of the Piñatas are configurable and you can make a ton of pinatas with different loot and store it in a file to use it later.

    /p inata create <name> - Create a piñata in data.yml file
    /pinata setloot <name> - Set the loot for the specified piñata
    /pinata spawn <name> (health) - Spawn the specified piñata and set the health for it measured in half hearts. If the health isn't specified it will spawn with 25 hearts.
    /pinata kill <name> - Kills the spawned pinata
    /pinata delete <name> - Delete info from the piñata
    /pinata help

    pinata.* - Single permission

    - Multiple kind of piñatas can be created
    - Customizable loot, health and sheep color
    - Pinatas can only be hit with a stick.
    - Auto-despawn pinatas when server going off
    - Just one pinata of the same type can be spawned
    - In every hit there is 10% of chance that the pinata will drop a item from the loot. (It wont be dropped when the pinata is dead)

    - Make a version for the latest spigot version
    - Customizable hit item, sounds, kill, displayname
    - Multiple pinatas of the same type can be spawned
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