ShiftQuick - Press Shift+Q for NoClip! 1.0

Quickly shift between Spectator and Creative mode with fancy keyboard shortcut

  1. qlNiklp
    Simple as Drag&Drop Spigot NoClip Plugin
    Normal | Advanced

    ShiftQuick it's a tiny, lightweigth, but still powerful and pretty NoClip solution for Creative Mode.

    I can keep waste your time by explaining but I have a better idea.

    Here was a GIF, but as I see spigotmc does not support it...
    So here it is a Fancy HTML5 Video

    Whooa! How it works?
    Alright, the plugin detects a Shift+Q key shortcut and switches you to Spectator gamemode. Then plugin detect that you're come through wall or did successful flight and switch your gamemode back to creative.
    Also if plugin see that you not going through the blocks long time it will decide what you're just wanned to fly and will switch your gamemode back when you come close to earth and your position will be passable (NOT INSIDE A WALL)

    What difference between Normal and Advanced versions?
    The plugin comes in 2 editions: ShiftQuick and ShiftQuick Advanced.
    Here's a difference:

    • ShiftQuick:
      • A pure piece of functionality
      • No config files needed
      • Simple as Drag&Drop&To&Plugin&Folder util.
      • Banana
    • ShiftQuick Advanced:
      (it's like a normal version but with several additional features)
      • Permissions
      • ChatMessages
      • Config Files
      • Multiworld Support

    Amazing! Can I have both?
    - No.
    Upcoming features:
    • Want something? Feel free to suggest.
    Known Bugs?
    • Found something? The World is in Danger! Don't wait! Report it now.
    The plugin requires you to hold any item in hand to detect a "Q" key. That's not a bug. That's a limitation of game and it can't be solved at current moment.

    Be happy :3
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    Nice plugin for administration of big servers. Good job