Ships -B R2 Beta 14.2

Allows you to move structures in a single click

  1. MoseMister
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.16
    • 1.17
    • 1.18
    Source Code:
    MoseMister, Qx2

    Supported plugins (Ships 5-

    These have been moved to here

    Supported Plugins (Ships 6)

    Most up to date info
    Ships still uses to provide information on upcoming updates, alphas and betas. I also personally reply much quicker on there compared to here too.

    What is Ships?

    Ships is associated as one of 'MoveCrafts' rivals, however we can guarantee you that Ships is moving away from this idea, by adding features that you would probably not see in MoveCraft but are useful for the servers this plugin is designed for.

    Ships is a plugin that allows you to create medium sized vessels in water, ontop of water and in air. Ships is simple to use because it only uses signs to control the vessels. No annoying commands to learn, or 'wands' needed, it's just plain simple signs.

    As time moves forward this plugin improves. This is MoseMister's first plugin and he is still learning from the endless world of craftbukkit. This being said, some features of this plugin maybe 'glitchy' so you have been warned. Qx2 does not work on this plugin any more so all the updates and taking care of the top priority 'users' lies on MoseMister alone, so all help is appreciated.

    Isn't this the really buggy plugin?

    Ships has been known for its bugs however Ships 5 and above cleared out almost all of the bugs from Ships 4 and lower.

    User created content

    All the youtube videos, the Ships community (thats you) have made I could not thank enough for.

    This image has been created by Luke Dooly

    Are you a developer?

    The image at the top labeled 'source code' leads to the github Ships 5+ page. But if you want to just start developing for Ships you can go to the Ships 5+ api page located here. This will tell you some things that you can do with the api.

    The api is always developing, fixing bugs and issues and adding new parts to the API to make your programming life as simple as possible. If you wish to add something to the api. Don't be scared, just send a request on GitHub (preferred) or here (not preferred) and it will be taken care of.

Recent Reviews

  1. Kevin_H
    Version: -B R2 Beta 14.1
    This plugin brings a lot of fun and playability to the game
    The author is very kind and responds quickly
    Recommend everyone to use
    1. MoseMister
  2. NAO2706
    Version: -B R2 Beta 12.1
    good plugin although missing the command /ships reload in the config I think they disabled certain flags, nose if possible to replace the block of netherrack by a blast furnace or by another block because the fire spreads when using fuel blocks, for being a unique idea I give it 5 stars although it lacks a lot of progress will be waiting for updates
    1. MoseMister
      Author's Response
      Thanks, the Ships reload command was for the previous version of ships, its a little complicated to add a reload command into the new system.

      As for the fire spread issue, you can disable the requirement for the burner in the config. As for changing the block, thats a good idea, should be easily implementable

      And there are a lot more features to come before full release
  3. d0dnt
    Version: -B R2 Beta 12.1
    Worst optimized plugin i've ever seen. Good idea with a terrible performance. Usining server with Ryzen 5 and 6gb ram, and when i create registration sign, TPS go to 11, and after while server crash...
    1. MoseMister
      Author's Response
      There are some options for optimising performance in the config. Some of these will be enabled by default in the next major version
  4. cheesedoodle333
    Version: -B R2 Beta 10.3
    the plugin works great but im trying to make a custom ship class and when i make the sign for it it just says complete at the top of the screen.
    1. MoseMister
      Author's Response
      Did you use the command to create the custom ship type? If you click the discussion tab you can reply :)
  5. Kriok
    Version: -B R2 Beta 9.4
    Every time ship turn left it bugs. Restarting server is only thing that i can do in that case. Please fix
    1. MoseMister
      Author's Response
      I would need more detail then that to fix the issue. How does it bug? Does it crash? Or something else?
  6. Ottoerich123
    Version: -B R2 Beta 5
    Hi, how do you use the plugin in-game it seems to wanna work but it does not, could you please help
    1. MoseMister
      Author's Response
      Hi. Hit the discussion tab and make your reply in there as this is for reviews. Could you go into more detail on what you mean? As long as your running any Minecraft version between 1.13-1.15.X then the latest will work
  7. Drakket
    Version: -B R2 Beta 4
    Great plugin; helpful, charming and fast dev and its all free!
    You can clearly see that the dev is putting time into this and in making this as optimized for our multiplayer adventures as possible.
    1. MoseMister
  8. Crustycomrade
    Version: -B R2 Beta 4
    I received amazing support from the developer, 1 min reaction time, never seen before! He fixed my issue in milliseconds, even faster then i could ask the question! Mosemister, my minecraftheroe <3
    1. MoseMister
      Author's Response
      Thanks. Glad its working for you.
  9. ThatPerkel
    Version: -B R2 Beta 2
    Great plugin, progress from old versions is just awesome.
    Only things i hate is steering around [Ships] sign instead of [wheel] and the lack of any readme, explanation of config files or any tutorial how to configure or create new types.
    1. MoseMister
      Author's Response
      Hi. I am more then happy to make it so you can change the rotation point in the config. As for readme, there isnt plans for that, but there is plans for a up to date tutorial and page info closer to full release.

      You can see the development of this page on the bukkit page for ships (its in the pages tab).

      Thanks for the review.
  10. atarikafa
    Version: -B R2 Beta 2
    good plugin .
    1. MoseMister