Ships -B R2 Alpha 3.4

Allows you to move structures in a single click

  1. Ships -B Alpha 3.4

    Ships Alpha 3.4

    1. Under the hood changes
    2. Added command '/ships shiptype flags'
  2. Ships -B Alpha 3.3

    Ships Alpha 3.3

    1. Added message suggestions for "ships config set message" for %% terms
    2. Added teleport command
    3. Added set teleport command
    4. Added ability to set multiple teleport locations on ships (old location will be converted)
    5. Added the ability to use code to rename ships will update the file name
    6. Fixed a issue where "tracking" a ship would crash ships
  3. Ships -B Alpha 3.2

    Ships Alpha 3.2

    1. Fixed a bug where using the altitude sign would crash Ships
    2. Fixed a bug where using a move sign with no licence sign present would crash ships
    3. exposed messages to the user so the user can change the exposed messages
    4. Added new config for messages
    5. Added messages config into config command
  4. Ships -B Alpha 3.1

    Ships Alpha 3.1

    1. Fixed a bug where EOT would crash Ships
    2. Fixed a bug where using the move sign would not check the requirements of ships
    3. Fixed a bug where the checking of requirements on altitude was inverted
    4. Skulls now keep their owner on move (note that Owner is not skin - Skin is not exposed by the Bukkit API therefore Ships can not keep it)
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  5. Ships -B Alpha 3.0

    Ships Alpha 3.0

    Added a new command 'ships blocklist set blocklimit <limit> <blocks>'
    Added a new blocklist option of "blocklimit"
    Creepers will now stay charged when moving on ships
  6. Ships -B Alpha 2.9

    Ships Alpha 2.9:
    1. Fixed a bug where players would not be detected on Ships
    2. Fixed a bug where players would not move with the ship
    3. Added dedicated Core ability for Creeper
    4. Added more control over the fall and eot features
    5. Added more options to Config command
    Ships Alpha 2.8
    1. Added more options to the config command
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  7. Ships -B -R2 Alpha 2.7

    Ships Alpha 2.7

    1. Prepared more for Sponge edition of Ships (Ships -s
    2. Fixed a bug where typing '/ships shiptype create' would crash ships
    3. Fixed a issue where ships would spam the console with debug messages
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  8. Ships

    See changelog on external site
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  9. Ships

    Read changelog on external site
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  10. Ships

    Fixed a issue where materials list isnt created
    Fixed a issue where sign can not find ship sign
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