Shop Signs 1.0

Public player shops, admin shops, or private player shops. An easy to use shop sign plugin.

  1. mathfreak2
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    • 1.14
    • 1.15
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    This plugin requires Vault and Essentials.






    Hi, all! I'd like everyone to know that this is my first plugin, so please feel free to shoot me a message on discord here if you have any trouble with it, and if you like the content I've put out so far, please consider donating here so I can put more content out in the future!


    ***Fully Customizable Shop Sign Format via config.yml***

    In the case that the item name is too long, there is a list of numbers you can use in place of the name listed here.

    Right click on a shop sign to buy from it

    Left click to sell to it

    Admin Shops (with top line of "s[buy]" or "s[sell]")

    Private Shops (top line of "p[buy]" or "p[sell]")

    Public Shop Signs (As demonstrated in the above pictures)

    Chests and Signs do not have to be in the same location

    Special linking tool made by naming a stick to "Shop Wand" in an anvil

    Right click the sign and a chest with the linking tool to link them

    Sends the owner a mail notification when buy shop is empty or sell shop is full

    Sends player confirmation message upon purchasing or selling and sends a confirmation message to the owner if they are online

    Implies meta data (e.g., player heads or enchanted books) upon linking so the shop can preserve meta data

    You can also find this file in your server files after running it for the first time.

    Letter case does not matter when including an item name

    The $ for price may be included or excluded by preference of the shop owner


    /shop <guide|add|remove>

    guide - brings up the tutorial menu for using this plugin, helpful for getting started with the plugin

    add - allows you to add players to private shops so they can use them

    remove - allows you to remove players from private shop so they can't use them anymore

    /shopsigns list <username> <page>

    admin-access command that lists all of the shops a specific player has, including every bit of information about the shop, to allow moderators to determine if a shop is appropriate or not.


    /findshop <buy|sell> <item> <player|page> <page>

    Aliases include /find and /fs

    Optional player name and page number, allows the user to find the closest shops that buy/sell a given item. Gives the player a list of these shops and their locations and sorts them by distance.

    Empty buy shops and full sell shops will NOT be included in this list for convenience.


    default: op
    default: op
    default: op
    default: true
    default: true
    default: op
    default: true
    default: true
    default: true
    default: true
    default: true

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