Shop 2.1.0

Shop is a plugin that allows you to setup a large shop that works with commands, NPCs, and signs.

  1. Trading

    • Added a new function called trade which you can use to allow players to trade an item for item(s). It is possible to create a trade GUI by using the same method as creating a BUY/SELL GUI.
    • Added page lore which is lore on items that only displays when viewed from a page. This can be found in the item display.
    • A custom GUI now uses its page title as the title of the GUI instead of the config value.
    • The config...
  2. Quick Minor Fixes

    Some issues have come to my attention from the new update. I recommend that everyone re-download 2.0.9 if you already have it.
    • Fixed custom buy/sell gui not working.
    • Fixed interaction error caused by custom buy/sell gui.
    • Fixed unused data persisting in page files.
    • Improved default cooldown message display. (Example: 2 hours 32 minutes 15 seconds)
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  3. File Improvement

    Happy Halloween

    This update is to get the page data into a more manageable format than it was before. This update is to make it easier to add new things in the future. All your data should transfer into the new format and your old page_storage.yml will be placed into backup in case something were to go wrong. If everything transfers accordingly then feel free to delete it from the backup. Item trading is still in progress as I wanted to get...
  4. Revival

    Hello everyone, it has been awhile since I have updated this but I hope to be a lot more active. I went through the plugin and have decided to remove my NPCs for now. I might add them back in the future but Citizens is far better than the NPCs I had and I see no point in having my own NPCs if Citizens works just fine. This means that if you want to use NPCs then you have to use Citizens. Citizens has a lot of functionality and is a great NPC plugin so I suggest everyone who wants NPCs to use...
  5. Page Properties

    It's about time this gets updated. Apologies for taking so long. Besides an NPC update, I've got a neat addition here that some of you may find useful.
    • NPCs have been updated to 1.10.2
    • A different format for converting price to text has been used (hopefully it'll work better but if issues occur please report them to me)
    • Added page properties but there's more to come added to it (/shop page properties)
    • Fixed bug where you...
  6. 1.10 Support

    • NPCs updated to 1.10.
    • Citizens should not give an error on startup anymore.
    • Fixed an error that occurs when interacting with NPCs on versions under 1.9.
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  7. 1.9.4 Support

    Just a quick update for 1.9.4 support.

    NPCs now only work on 1.9.4 as I like to keep them at the highest version and only the highest version.

    Added the ability to change the delay for the plugin's autosave. It can be found as AUTOSAVE_DELAY in the config and the value of it is in minutes.

    Added the command /shop page recover. After deleting a page, you can use /shop page recover to undo the deletion.

    Added the command /shop tools. In here...
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  8. 1.9 Support

    1.9 Support
    • Shop should now work on 1.9.
    • All items should now show up correctly on the quantity selection GUI.
    • Added the command /shop npc nameplate. You can now make an NPC's name always show(fully visible) or make it so it only shows when the player looks at them up close(partially visible).
    Here are some things that may be added in the future
    • Page...
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  9. Final 1.8 Update

    As you can see from the title, this will be the last update supporting 1.8. Any versions beyond this will be for 1.9+. Future versions should still work (I wont guarantee it though) on 1.8 & 1.7 but the ability to make NPCs with the plugin is disabled unless you use Citizens. This update is minor but resolves a main issue--incorrect item data on quantity selection.
    • Added the ability to set permissions on NPCs.
    • Fixed the item data on items when you're on the quantity selection...
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  10. Alternative Selling

    - Added the old method of selling back. See /shop worth help and /shop page type. The old method was also altered slightly; the confirm function was added to sell the items instead of having players close the page to sell. If a player closes before selling, the items will be given back.
    - Worth values will be converted, but only the non-custom item ones.
    - Added %worth% placeholder for sell pages to display how...​
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