ShopChest 1.12.3

Let your players create their own nice-looking shops to sell their stuff to other players!

  1. Seven7
    Version: 1.12.3
    Por favor, não consigo dar permissao para um vip criar a loja em seu PlotMe, pois as permissoes que tem, dá para criar uma Loja em outro plotMe de outro player, coloque a permissão para o Jogador criar a loja em seu plot, sem criar em outro lugar, por favor.
  2. QuikMiner
    Version: 1.12.3
    Thanks so much for this epic plugin! This is an essential for my server since I'm going with a no-server-store economy. Thanks! Really happy this isn't a paid plugin :)
  3. Zaclamity
    Version: 1.12.3
    Great plugin, works really well! Probably one of the best shop chest plugins out there.
    I will give 5 stars when there is more description on how shop limits work. As of now the permission is not working. Nor can you reload the config from in game. I have to take down my entire Towny server and relaunch it to get anything to take. Reload just reloads shops. which doesn't do anything.
  4. CriZpyPvP
    Version: 1.12.3
    i was using ChestShop in 1.12.2 and i had phew erros in console,
    but now im using your plugin on 1.12.2 with no errors,

    Thanks for the plugin,
    Please add Option to Enable/disable Holograms.
    Thanks again!
  5. TrueMessiah
    Version: 1.12.3
    Good plugin but permissions don't work for non op users, making it useless. Please fix.
  6. Chillieaters
    Version: 1.12.3
    is it possible to restrict players from having shops permanently? i cannot find a good market plugin that only allows players to own a shop for a certain amount of time.
  7. Fighter2000
    Version: 1.12.3
    This is amazing!
    - Very custumizable
    - easy to use
    - no lag
  8. Adamik97
    Version: 1.12.3
    Good plugin, but sometimes have little problem

    We use this plugin on

    You are welcome :D
  9. Meta_Win
    Version: 1.12.3
    Amazing Plugin. And have compability to custom items too.
    To contribute i send the pt_BR language.
  10. EnderCraftServer
    Version: 1.12.3

    Sehr tolles Plugin, es funktioniert auch fast alles, außer die
    Placeholder %BUY-PRICE% & %SELL-PRICE%, Sie werden
    gar nicht angezeigt, weder in Chat noch im Hologramm.
    Dadurch ist das Plugin für mich leider unbrauchbar =(
    Wäre schön, wenn dieser Bug gefixt wird! <3
    Ich verwende einen Spigot 1.12.2 Server.

    MfG Kev ~EnderCraft
  11. ZacuXDMG
    Version: 1.12.3
    cant get permissions to work for non op players but otherwise its the best ive used so far.
  12. DrOreo002
    Version: 1.12.3
    Good plugin BEFORE. But yeah makes my server crashed.., idk why but don't think that I'm wrong I can read error logs btw :/, and it caused by a class on this plugin.

    Overall I do not recommended this on big servers.
  13. Infro
    Version: 1.12.3
    Very customisale plugin, but I think it lacks some of these features:
    -Create a shop without having an item in hand (for some cases when players don't have something they want to buy)
    -Create AdminShops without chests(they occupy too much place in my spawn shop)

    Please, leave a note if you will be up to adding these
  14. kumasro
    Version: 1.12.3
    Can you add support for shop multi-owners ?
    It will be usefull for players, playing in groups.
    something like
    /shop addowner <username>
    /shop removeowner <username>
    And money from shop will send to all owners divided by count of owners? Or add percentage...
    /shop ownerslist (Shows names with percentage)
    /shop setpartfor <username> <percentage>
    /shop autopart (automatic divide percentage between owners)
    Good idea ? :)
  15. Sparryx
    Version: 1.12.3

    I have a problem, I would like to create a store but the problem is that I have TheNewEconomy and this plugin offers a feature (null and basic) store, but the problem is that it also uses the function / shop!
    How to make the function / shop only work on your plugin?

    Thanks in advance, this plugin looks great!
  16. xSnitch_
    Version: 1.12.3
    how can i make my shop at this example?
    line 1:
    16x Coal
    line 2:
    Buy 100 Dollars
    line 3:
    Sell 50 Dollars

    I hope you can help my, thanks!
  17. TikyMEMA__
    Version: 1.12.3
    BEST SHOP..............................................................................
  18. SkylordDuck
    Version: 1.12.3
    This is an amazing, easy to use chest shop plugin. I did not find a single bug in the plugin. That being said, I do wish enchanted books were better labeled.
  19. Emperortang
    Version: 1.12.3
    Wonderful. Straightforward and makes intuitive player shops.

    Is there a way to limit how much a merchant is willing to buy? For example, if I'm looking to buy 3 stacks of cobblestone for $25 a stack, I don't want to set up a cobblestone shop then have someone come by and sell me 27 stacks of cobble for $675 instead of $75. The only other way I can think around this is fill up the other empty slots with something, but there should be a more concrete way. Just a question and suggestion, still five stars for what it has.
  20. Patfreeze
    Version: 1.12.3
    Very nice plugin... Easy to use and fast to create a hug admin shop place. Good work!