ShopChest 1.12.3

Let your players create their own nice-looking shops to sell their stuff to other players!

  1. ShaneBolenback
    Version: 1.12.3
    Love this plugin. I used to use ChestShop, but so many players complained about how it was hard having to know ClaimID's.... (right so hard*sarcasm*) Anyways, I love this plugin. The holograms are awesome, the commands are so easy, the perms are great, i even created a little "Business License" skript so players would have to BUY more available shops. If anyone is looking for a player based, interactive shop plugin, THIS is the one!
  2. iBrett
    Version: 1.12.3
    An sich ist das System gut gedacht.

    Allerdings hält das System nicht viele Shops aus.
    Ich denke für kleinere Server ist das in Ordnung.

    Sobald allerdings ca. 300-500 Shops gesetzt wurden, schafft es das Plugin nicht mehr die Shops ohne lags zu laden. Trotz guter Hardware und mehrfachen Tests liegt es an diesem Plugin. Dies merkt man auch, wenn der Server hochfährt und er die ganzen Shops "lädt". Hierfür benötigt er für ca. 300 Shops an die 20-30 Sekunden. Während dieser Zeit ist es nicht möglich den Server zu nutzen, da die Welt nicht geladen wird. Auch generell werden trotz sehr guter Konfiguration die TPS vom Server stark beeinträchtigt. Das Plugin ist wie bereits gesagt sehr gut durchdacht, allerdings nicht wirklich für größere Netzwerke zu empfehlen.

    Privat konnte ich den Entwickler leider nicht erreichen. (Anfrage vor 2-3 Tagen gesendet)

    Es kann mal vorkommen, dass er keine Zeit hat, aber dies ist eine lange Zeit, besonders wenn Leute support benötigen. Das ist aber nicht für die Bewertung relevant, denn nicht jeder hat immer Zeit!
  3. TommyTran73
    Version: 1.12.3
    Loving it! Hope you can keep the plugin updated!
  4. Misaka_winko
    Version: 1.12.3
    well done
  5. Nachtaktiv
    Version: 1.12.3
    I used ChestShop before, but i had some issues with my ProtectPlugin.
    Now i am using this plugin, and i am so happy that i tried it!
  6. Seven7
    Version: 1.12.3
    Por favor, não consigo dar permissao para um vip criar a loja em seu PlotMe, pois as permissoes que tem, dá para criar uma Loja em outro plotMe de outro player, coloque a permissão para o Jogador criar a loja em seu plot, sem criar em outro lugar, por favor.
  7. QuikMiner
    Version: 1.12.3
    Thanks so much for this epic plugin! This is an essential for my server since I'm going with a no-server-store economy. Thanks! Really happy this isn't a paid plugin :)
  8. Zaclamity
    Version: 1.12.3
    Great plugin, works really well! Probably one of the best shop chest plugins out there.
    I will give 5 stars when there is more description on how shop limits work. As of now the permission is not working. Nor can you reload the config from in game. I have to take down my entire Towny server and relaunch it to get anything to take. Reload just reloads shops. which doesn't do anything.
  9. CriZpyPvP
    Version: 1.12.3
    i was using ChestShop in 1.12.2 and i had phew erros in console,
    but now im using your plugin on 1.12.2 with no errors,

    Thanks for the plugin,
    Please add Option to Enable/disable Holograms.
    Thanks again!
  10. TrueMessiah
    Version: 1.12.3
    Good plugin but permissions don't work for non op users, making it useless. Please fix.
  11. Chillieaters
    Version: 1.12.3
    is it possible to restrict players from having shops permanently? i cannot find a good market plugin that only allows players to own a shop for a certain amount of time.
  12. Fighter2000
    Version: 1.12.3
    This is amazing!
    - Very custumizable
    - easy to use
    - no lag
  13. Adamik97
    Version: 1.12.3
    Good plugin, but sometimes have little problem

    We use this plugin on

    You are welcome :D
  14. Meta_Win
    Version: 1.12.3
    Amazing Plugin. And have compability to custom items too.
    To contribute i send the pt_BR language.
  15. EnderCraftServer
    Version: 1.12.3

    Sehr tolles Plugin, es funktioniert auch fast alles, außer die
    Placeholder %BUY-PRICE% & %SELL-PRICE%, Sie werden
    gar nicht angezeigt, weder in Chat noch im Hologramm.
    Dadurch ist das Plugin für mich leider unbrauchbar =(
    Wäre schön, wenn dieser Bug gefixt wird! <3
    Ich verwende einen Spigot 1.12.2 Server.

    MfG Kev ~EnderCraft
  16. ZacuXDMG
    Version: 1.12.3
    cant get permissions to work for non op players but otherwise its the best ive used so far.
  17. DrOreo002
    Version: 1.12.3
    Good plugin BEFORE. But yeah makes my server crashed.., idk why but don't think that I'm wrong I can read error logs btw :/, and it caused by a class on this plugin.

    Overall I do not recommended this on big servers.
  18. Infro
    Version: 1.12.3
    Very customisale plugin, but I think it lacks some of these features:
    -Create a shop without having an item in hand (for some cases when players don't have something they want to buy)
    -Create AdminShops without chests(they occupy too much place in my spawn shop)

    Please, leave a note if you will be up to adding these
  19. kumasro
    Version: 1.12.3
    Can you add support for shop multi-owners ?
    It will be usefull for players, playing in groups.
    something like
    /shop addowner <username>
    /shop removeowner <username>
    And money from shop will send to all owners divided by count of owners? Or add percentage...
    /shop ownerslist (Shows names with percentage)
    /shop setpartfor <username> <percentage>
    /shop autopart (automatic divide percentage between owners)
    Good idea ? :)
  20. Sparryx
    Version: 1.12.3

    I have a problem, I would like to create a store but the problem is that I have TheNewEconomy and this plugin offers a feature (null and basic) store, but the problem is that it also uses the function / shop!
    How to make the function / shop only work on your plugin?

    Thanks in advance, this plugin looks great!