ShopChest 1.12.3

Let your players create their own nice-looking shops to sell their stuff to other players!

  1. External plugin support, more features, fixes and a new tool resource!

    Again, I recommend reading all of this!
    • Release of ShopConverter to convert shops of ChestShop to shops of ShopChest
    • Added WorldGuard support
    • Added Towny support
    • Added support for Bukkit 1.11
    • Added hologram interaction (configurable)
    • Added permission for extending other players' shops
    • Shop Limits are now permission based
    • Players with "shopchest.removeOther" permission can now also break other players' shops
    • Help message now only shows commands, a player has permission to use
    • Console can now also use some commands
    • Improved handling of failed economy transactions
    • Fixed ocelot eggs
    • Fixed fallback command "/shopchest:shop"
    • Fixed book and quills
    • Fixed (written) books
    • Fixed exploit when amount is 0
    • Fixed item & hologram not shown on creation
    • Fixed console spam
    • Fixed selling to full admin shops
    • Fixed a few crashes

    There are 3 custom flags for a region
    • create-shop
    • use-shop
    • use-admin-shop
    These are pretty much self explanatory. All of them are denied at default, so by default, you can not create a shop anywhere, except you have permission "shopchest.create.protected".

    If you have Towny installed, you can only create shops at shop plots in a town. You can neither create them in the Wilderness nor at default plot types, except you have permission "shopchest.create.protected". Players can however still use shops, even if they are not in a shop plot.

    Hologram Interaction
    Hologram interaction is enabled by default. You can of course disable it, if you don't like it. If enabled, you can do everything, you can do with the chest, by clicking the hologram. You can buy, sell and open shops by clicking the hologram either with the right mouse button, the left one or the right one while sneaking (or just the right one, if you're the vendor).

    Shop Limits
    The shop limits configuration in the config file is no longer used. You must now set the limits via permission. For example the permission "shopchest.limit.5" would set the limit to 5 shops. If no permission is specified, the default value, which is still read from the config file, will be used. To remove the shop limit, you can either use the permission "shopchest.limit.*" or you can set the limit to a negative number, e.g. "shopchest.limit.-1".

    Allows the player to extend other players' shops
    Allows the player to extend shops into protected regions (e.g. WorldGuard or Towny)

    New config value
    Code (YAML):
    # Set whether interaction with the hologram should be enabled.
    # If set to true, a player can do the exact same thing with the
    # hologram, as with the chest. You can even open the chest if you
    # are the vendor or have permission.
    : true
    New translation values
    Code (Text):
    # Set the message when the argument <AMOUNT> is zero
    message.amount-is-zero=&cAmount must be greater than 0.

    # Set the message when a player tries to buy something in a WorldGuard region that denied shop use.
    message.noPermission.worldguard-buy=&cYou don't have permission to buy something here.

    # Set the message when a player tries to sell something in a WorldGuard region that denied shop use.
    message.noPermission.worldguard-sell=&cYou don't have permission to sell something here.

    # Set the message when a not permitted player tries to extend another player's shop's chest.
    message.noPermission.extend-others=&cYou don't have permission to extend this chest.

    # Set the message when a not permitted player tries to extend a chest into a protected region (e.g. WorldGuard/Towny).
    message.noPermission.extend-protected=&cYou don't have permission to extend this chest to here.
    In order to add translation for missing blocks, items, etc., you can (if you're using german or english) make a backup of your current messages (if you changed them), delete the file, reload or restart the server and copy the messages back to the newly generated file. You could also add the missing values manually (you'll get warning message in the console) by copying them from the language files of Minecraft.
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