ShopChest 1.12.3

Let your players create their own nice-looking shops to sell their stuff to other players!

  1. Bug fixes and more configurable stuff

    • Added way to disable WorldGuard or Towny integration
    • Added way to enable "quality mode"
    • Added support for per-world economy plugin (money will be withdrawn/deposited on the world of the shop)
    • Added permission to bypass WorldGuard flags (for shop use)
    • Fixed WorldGuard support for lower versions
    • Fixed support for WorldGuard v6.1.3 (and later)
    New configuration values
    Code (YAML):
    # Set whether WorldGuard integration should be enabled
    # Of course, this only worls if WorldGuard is installed
    : true

    # Set whether Towny integration should be enabled
    # Of course, this only worls if Towny is installed
    : true

    # Set whether quality-mode should be enabled.
    # Showing and hiding holograms will look better,
    # but TPS will probably decrease.
    # Not recommended on servers with low performance
    # or on servers with a lot of shops!
    : false
    Allows you to use shops in WorldGuard regions that deny shop use
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