ShopChest 1.12.3

Let your players create their own nice-looking shops to sell their stuff to other players!

  1. Fixes

    • Added DURABILITY requirement and placeholder
    • Fixed errors and server crashes caused by asynchronous entity track
    • Fixed error with hologram updating on 1.8.x
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  2. A few fixes

    • Added CHEST_SPACE requirement and placeholder
    • Fixed %MAX-STACK% placeholder
    • Fixed high CPU usage
    • Fixed error when hologram interaction is disabled
    • Fixed error when extending shop on unowned ASkyBlock island
    • Fixed items disappearing after teleport
    • Fixed holograms re-appearing after shop removal
  3. Quickfix for ASkyBlock

    • Fixed error while creating a shop on an unowned ASkyBlock island
  4. A big update

    • Added support for Minecraft 1.12
    • Added support for PlotSquared
    • Added support for uSkyBlock
    • Added support for ASkyBlock
    • Added...
  5. Bug fixes and more configurable stuff

    • Added way to disable WorldGuard or Towny integration
    • Added way to enable "quality mode"
    • Added support for per-world economy plugin (money will be withdrawn/deposited on the world of the shop)
    • Added permission to bypass WorldGuard flags (for shop use)
    • Fixed WorldGuard support for lower...
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  6. External plugin support, more features, fixes and a new tool resource!

    Again, I recommend reading all of this!
    • Release of ShopConverter to convert shops of ChestShop to shops of ShopChest
    • Added WorldGuard support
    • Added Towny support
    • Added support for Bukkit 1.11
    • Added hologram interaction (configurable)
    • Added permission...
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  7. Bug fixes

    • Fixed support with craftbukkit
    • Fixed an issue with MySQL
    • Fixed issue, that vines or other blocks can grow on top of a shop so that an error will be thrown, because there is no space above the chest
    • Fixed issue, that a price of 0$ is be displayed in the info message instead of "Disabled" or whatever is configured in the language file, when buying or selling is disabled
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  8. Minor changes and bug fixes

    • Fixed error message in console after teleporting
    • Fixed issue, that shop items won't appear after teleporting from far away, or after changing worlds
    • Now displays the UUID of a vendor, when no name was found (buying will still throw errors because Vault doesn't support UUIDs)
    • Economy transactions are now logged asynchronously
  9. Minor changes and bug fixes

    • Added economy log (when shops are used) in the same database as the shops are saved
    • Added way to prevent decimals in prices
    • Fixed console error spam, when a shop is in another world than a player
    • Improved performance (thanks to @MTC)

    New configurable value:
  10. Bug fixes

    • Fixed admin shops
    • Fixed issue, that floating shop items won't (re-)spawn
    New configurable value:
    Code (YAML):
    # Set the maximal distance (in blocks) to the shop where the player can see the floatig shop item.
    : 40
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