ShopChest 1.12.3

Let your players create their own nice-looking shops to sell their stuff to other players!

  1. Shop Owner Messages

    • Added messages the shop owner gets when someone bought/sold something (with configuration)
    • Did not remove compiling
  2. Fixed Shop Removal

    • Fixed issue, that removed shops get recreated after reload/restart
    • Did not remove compiling
  3. SQLite Database Saving

    • Now saves shops in a SQLite Database File (shops.db) instead of a YML File (shops.yml).
    • Added command /shop compile to compile the yml file to a database file. The yml file gets deleted afterwards, but the compilation is highly recommended. Else the shops will not get detected on the start of the server. After compiling is done, you need to restart/reload your server that the shops are added. If you have...
  4. Shop Limits

    • Added Shop Limits for Permission Groups and Players
    • Added command /shop limits
    • Added permission shopchest.limits
    • Added multiple configuration sections
    Shop Limits will limit the...
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  5. Removed plugin libraries from .jar file

    • Removed plugin libraries from .jar file
  6. Removed Debug Messages

    • Removed Debug Messages
  7. LWC and Lockette Support

    • Added LWC and Lockette Support
    • Added permission shopchest.create.protected
    Allows the player to create a shop on a protected chest...
  8. Bug Fix

    • Fixed issue that the shop gets mad if a player places a chest next a shop
  9. Single Jar File for all Versions

    • Merged all versions of ShopChest to one jar file
  10. Bug Fix

    • Fixed Trapped-Chest Shops